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Audio & Video

Send and receive audios, videos, and any other format on WhatsApp Cloud with WOZTELL



What is this extension for?

This extension is crafted to enhance communication and emotional connection between an organization and its audience through audio and video messages.

It serves as an invaluable tool for any organization aiming to strengthen its bond with customers or followers, offering a more personal and direct form of communication via audio and video messages across multiple platforms.

Key Features:

Audio Message Sending and Receiving: Beyond video messages, the extension supports sending and receiving audio messages through the organization’s official channels. This provides a quick and convenient way to communicate, ideal for situations where video is unnecessary or impractical.

Customized Video Messages: The ability to record personalized video messages using a camera adds an extra layer of customization. This is particularly effective for creating a lasting and genuine impression on the audience, as personalized messages can be more engaging and memorable than standard texts or images.

Fostering Empathy and Closeness: The extension enables users to send audio and video messages recorded in real-time. This feature is crucial for establishing a more personal and intimate connection with the audience, as recorded messages can convey emotions and nuances often lost in written texts.

Integration with Multiple Platforms: The extension is compatible with several popular communication platforms, including WhatsApp Cloud API, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat. This allows organizations to connect with their audience through the channels they already use, facilitating smoother and more accessible communication.

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