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Fast direct a chatbot

Activate any cross-platform chatbot from inbox or from your conversation flow



What is this extension for?

The new Conversational Redirection extension of WOZTELL represents a significant advancement in managing one-on-one communications across all platforms supported by Woztell.

This tool allows users to efficiently and accurately direct any simple conversation to a specific node in any chatbot.

Key Features:

Advanced Conversation Management: users can redirect conversations to specific points within any chatbot with this extension. This is particularly useful for addressing recurring queries or topics, optimizing interaction, and providing more relevant and personalized responses.

Universal Compatibility with Chatbots: Designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of chatbots, this extension ensures a smooth user experience, regardless of the platform used. This offers unprecedented flexibility in conversation management.

Improved Response Efficiency: By allowing instant redirection of conversations, this tool optimizes response time and improves efficiency in managing customer interactions, translating into a more satisfactory user experience.

Additionally, it is a perfect combination of conversational management among agents and users in a semi-automatic way, ensuring a unified and coherent experience across all platforms and tools.

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