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WOZTELL extension: Quick replies for WhatsApp

Quick Responses

With WOZTELL’s pre-defined quick replies, you can send all kinds of text messages and multimedia messages, such as images and videos. Use this extension in your INBOX for WhatsApp Cloud, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat.



What is this extension for?

The WOZTELL Quick Replies Extension is an innovative tool designed to streamline and enhance communication between organizations and their audience. This extension allows users to efficiently and effectively send various text messages and multimedia content, including images and videos.

Key Features:

Versatility in Messaging: Users can quickly send detailed text messages and multimedia content, such as images and videos, to improve the quality and effectiveness of communication.

Multi-Channel Integration: This extension is compatible with the WOZTELL INBOX for popular platforms like WhatsApp Cloud, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat. This ensures a cohesive and efficient user experience, allowing organizations to reach their audience through their preferred channels.

Effective and Efficient Responses: Designed to maximize communication efficiency, this tool allows users to quickly respond to inquiries, comments, or messages, resulting in a better customer experience and more effective time management.

Enhanced Customer Interaction: By allowing quick and effective responses, the extension facilitates smoother and more personal customer interaction, improving satisfaction and fostering stronger relationships.

Ease of Use: The intuitive interface of the extension ensures that users can fully leverage its functionalities without a significant learning curve.

Step by Step Tutorial

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