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Paylands – Online Payment Gateway

Accept instant payments globally on your conversational commerce journey

What is this extension for?

  • Create payment links at any part of your conversational commerce journey and on Woztell inbox.
  • Accept over 100 payment methods globally across 6 major continents.
  • Enjoy minimum cost per transaction.

How to use & install this extension?

  1. Prepare the following documentations in PDF format:
    • If you are a company:
      • Articles of incorporation.
      • Annual accounts of the latest fiscal year or the latest Corporate Tax declaration.
      • Annual accounts of the latest fiscal year or the latest Corporate Tax declaration.
      • Identification of the signatory of the contract and power of attorney deed if it’s a person other than the administrators
      • Beneficial ownership deed (with a maximum of one year of age) or completed and signed responsible declaration (attached).
      • Identification of beneficial owners and administrators.
      • Tax Identification Number (NIF).
      • Bank account certificate.
      • If you are subject to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Law, the PBCYFT Manual
    • If you are self-employed:
      • Certificate of bank account ownership.
      • Self-employment registration.
      • Model 036/037 declaration.
      • Last period VAT declaration.
      • ID card, passport, residence card, or NIE.
  2. Please register for a Paylands account: https://sistpa.paynopain.com/#/auth/business_external_registration/reference/81caf589-ee0c-4468-9910-3a02fda6aa04/partner
  3. You will be asked to provide these information in different sections: contact information, general company data, representative data, beneficial owner data, website, business information, and the bank account where funds will be transferred.
  4. After completing each section, click on “SAVE AND CONTINUE”.
  5. Once the form is fully completed and the documentation is uploaded, click on “VALIDATE” to save everything correctly, and the Compliance team can start reviewing the data and documentation.
  6. If any information/documentation is missing, the Validation will be rejected, and you will receive an email to the address you used for registration. This email will specify what is required to complete the registration process.
  7. At this point, you can return to the Paylands website to complete the missing information, and once finished, click on “SAVE AND CONTINUE” in each modified section and finally on “VALIDATE” to save all the documentation again for a re-evaluation.
  8. If you have any doubts about this KYC process, you can send your inquiries to this address: compliance@paynopain.com
  9. After your account is successfully created, Paylands will send the following configuration information to you by your registered email:
    • API Key
    • Service
    • Signature
    • UUID
  10. Then, on the Woztell marketplace, you can get the extension and install it.
  11. Once installed, you can fill in the previously obtained configuration information in the extension’s configuration page.
  12. You can specify the currency and the sample message (the sample payment link message that will be sent along with the payment link)

“We were wasting human time that we could be using for much more valuable things, such as advising on a claim over the phone or providing peace of mind to a client who needs it at the moment”

Maximiliano Díaz

CEO & Founder, SegurLine

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