Extensions CINNOX
Connect WOZTELL Channels to your CINNOX as Inbox


Connect WOZTELL Channels to your CINNOX as Inbox. Allowing your staff to attend to your customers’ need more effectively and benefit with rich Customer Experience (CX)




What is this extension for?

When you integrate CINNOX with your WOZTELL channel, you and your agents will have direct engagement with your customers. CINNOX smoothens the flow of enquiries by distributing them to multiple destinations depending on time, availability or advanced distribution rules.

CINNOX Features

Drive premium customer experience across every channel and touchpoint. As a communications solution that unifies telecommunications and digital channels, CINNOX comes with a compact suite of features that helps companies facilitate round-the-clock customer service support.

These features include:

  • Widget live call and chat
  • Weblink and QR code call and chat
  • Calls within APP or call to phone numbers
  • Video calls and screen sharing
  • Call recording & Voicemail
  • Audio transcription