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Train ChatGPT to answers any questions intelligently for your brand.


What is this extension for?

With WOZTELL’s integration of ChatGPT by OpenAI, crafting an AI-powered assistant has never been easier — or quicker! Just under 3 minutes, and you’re set.

Dive into a transformative customer experience as ChatGPT seamlessly meshes with WhatsApp Business API. Engage your audience with authentic, free-flowing conversations, delivering timely and personalized feedback any hour of the day. Thanks to ChatGPT’s sophisticated language prowess, it adeptly interprets user concerns, solves dilemmas, and extends bespoke advice. Reinforce your customer support, offloading repetitive tasks to automation, and reserving intricate queries for human touch. With ChatGPT’s knack for context and its ingenious blend of creativity and knowledge, you can assure accurate and innovative solutions. Ride the wave of revolutionary customer service with ChatGPT and WhatsApp Business API at the helm.

Key Features of the Extension

  1. Direct Integration: Seamlessly merge ChatGPT with any chatbot, empowering human-like, personalized responses on WhatsApp.
  2. Complete Control Over Conversations: Customize and dictate AI behavior, tailoring it to fit your business needs and criteria.
  3. Customized Creativity: Design unique responses that mirror your brand’s tone and style, ranging from predictable answers to astonishingly creative interactions.
  4. Choose Your AI Model: Adjust AI behavior based on context, selecting models that cater to different types of interactions, ensuring the optimal experience for every user.

Step by Step Tutorial

“We were wasting human time that we could be using for much more valuable things, such as advising on a claim over the phone or providing peace of mind to a client who needs it at the moment”

Maximiliano Díaz

CEO & Founder, SegurLine

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