How to use WhatsApp in an academic field: Using WhatsApp in the classroom

WhatsApp in the field of education is a reality.
Educators have seen the benefits of WhatsApp application in the educational process. Specialists advise the use of WhatsApp in order to inform students about many interesting tasks that can be done with the messaging application.

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Educational institutions: using WhatsApp in the classroom

WhatsApp has over one billion users so it is impossible for them not to reach the educational sphere. It is up to teachers and institutions to take advantage of this and benefit from the academic process. Tools such as WOZTELL, that add WhatsApp Business to that enterprise software such as ZOHO, enable the development of solutions for academic institutions. So they take advantage of this for the benefit of the educational process.

The use of WhatsApp Business in the academic field has greatly benefited companies in the market place. This tool approves for more effective communications with students and their families. It provides for more agile, costless, and more effective organisational processes. The administration field has became more dynamic and less bureaucratic. In addition, teachers can have more pedagogical tools including WhatsApp in their educational strategy and those responsible for the institution can take control of all communications.


Using WhatsApp in the classroom: the academic field and its advantages

First of all, it stimulates collaborative work and achieves the exchange of content not only between the institution and the students, but also among with the institution’s workers. For instance, sharing audio lessons, sending PPT materials or documents such as Word, books and so on. It is also possible to share video content.

Furthermore, inform the educational community of announcements related to the institution as new courses available or updates.

Therefore, according to educators, the best thing to do is to step on this tool by creating appropriate educational content. It is precisely by creating new learning materials that students can take full advantage of WhatsApp in their education. Another thing is helping the subsequent reception of marketing campaigns, for example.

A technology tool cannot be expected to be educational in itself, but is a means to an educational end.

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But let’s look at more benefits of Using WhatsApp in the classroom

Although it is not a knowledge-generating tool, it helps to improve communication and generates more open and flexible teaching processes. WhatsApp can also help to foster learner interest and motivation.

A technological tool cannot be expected to be educational in itself, but it is a means to an educational end.

Sharing content with WhatsApp in education

  • Free calls and video calls.
  • Communication with students, teachers and centres in remote areas such as rural areas, other countries and the surrounding community; it is ideal for courses taught online.
  • Reminders and notifications.
  • broadcast messages.
  • Documents delivering and send forms for an onboarding.
  • Students motivation and workers to work by means of a tool they know and like.
  • Automatic messages for specific queries.
  • Virtual meetings promotion which will avoid locative physical availability and, therefore, training, meetings, etc. can be carried out.

Sharing content with WhatsApp in education

A more personalized follow-up to the student’s educational process is facilitated. It allows easy contact with students. The use of instant messaging is being developed in universities to increase enrolment and retain students.

whatsapp to education

More advantages of WhatsApp in education

The permanent presence of the educational institution through its mobile phone strengthens the relationship of students with the institution.

Problems and doubts of students are solved without having to go to the institution or wait for them to answer the phone. For example, administrative issues such as registration schedules. Locating a teacher, justifying absences, locating certain services of the institution, etc. This brings great benefits to the educational institution. Since it avoids the collapse of calls or the saturation of physical spaces where students come for administrative and pedagogical issues.

The sense of belonging to the institution is stimulated and strengthened.

In summary, the use of WhatsApp Business in the academic field can be very effective and beneficial if used correctly. Professional tools such as WOZTELL integrate WhatsApp into the management software of educational institutions. This is how a professional implementation of the tool is achieved.

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