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4 Pasos para comprar Woztell

Seleciona tu
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Selecciona tu plan y cómpralo. De acuerdo con lo que necesites si tienes alguna duda, contáctanos, estamos trabajando 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana para ti en nuestro WhatsApp o contáctanos a presales@woztell.com

Seleciona tu Crédito para Mensajes

Selecciona la cantidad de dinero que deseas recargar para enviar plantillas, usa agentes adicionales o clientes adicionales. Cuando tu recarga sea inferior al 20%, cargaremos una nueva en tu tarjeta de crédito.



Nuestro equipo de configuración te ayudará a seguir todos los pasos legales para obtener tu número oficial de WhatsApp (puede tener un coste). Cuando tu cuenta esté activa, haremos la integración y te capacitaremos.

Comienza a usarlo y
empieza a crecer

Comienza las comunicaciones con tus clientes enviando y / o recibiendo mensajes, automatizando tus ventas y el proceso de atención al cliente y haz crecer tu negocio.

Woztell: WhatsApp for ZOHO CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more Business Software

Your Official WhatsApp in
Your own business software

Unify, Control and Automate your WhatsApp communications in your Business

Send, receive and store WhatsApp messages using your CRM, HelpDesk, eCommerce and more.


Somos WhatsApp Official Business Solution Partner

WOZTELL funciona con SANUKER

Woztell: WhatsApp for Business Software

Why integrate Verified WhatsApp Business with my CRM, HelpDesk, eCommerce, and more?

Every day, more than a billion people use WhatsApp. Do not miss the opportunity to contact your potential and actual customers through one of the world's most powerful communication channels. With Woztell you'll be able to:

  • Send and receive WhatsApp messages from any device
  • Respond to incoming WhatsApp messages automatically based on content
  • Use your existing WhatsApp number
  • Store all WhatsApp history within your business software
  • Create automated WhatsApp campaigns for your chosen segment
  • Create templates or write your messages manually
  • Monitor all conversations in real-time
  • Generate reports and create new business tactics

Made for Business

Woztell integrates with the most popular business software. You will be able to manage all your communications within WhatsApp while using your own CRM, HelpDesk, and eCommerce. Send and receive text, images, videos and files anytime.

Don't find your business software here? Ask for it NOW!


Increase your sales

Managing your customers’ experience better means selling more. With Woztell, you’ll be able to know any conversation history at any time, send and receive messages and files, redirecting messages according to team roles, share workloads and much more.

  • Find out what sellers and customers talk about
  • Train your sales team to build WhatsApp-based relationships
  • Automate the start of customer conversations and plan better responses
  • Manage your WhatsApp profile collaboratively with your team
  • Read all WhatsApp conversations within the customer profile
  • Install smart word search within WhatsApp conversations
  • Know 100% of the details spoken during a sale


Improve your marketing

Add WhatsApp to your marketing strategy and improve your communication campaigns, customer service, social media presence, buying processes and much more.

  • Create targeted WhatsApp campaigns and schedule messages
  • Nurture potential customers during their purchasing process
  • Install Woztell bots to help with initial inquiries and measure customer satisfaction
  • Empower cross-selling and up-selling
  • Use different WhatsApp numbers and concretize your KPIs
  • Measure the impact of WhatsApp communications on your company’s sales


Become our partner

Are you a digital marketing company or a freelancer, a vendor of digital solutions, a customer service center or a digital guru? Are you interested in increasing your sales by using our product? Let’s talk.
As a Woztell partner you will get:

  • Full sales support
  • Transparent commission scheme
  • Qualified leads
  • Support from a professional experts network
  • Ethical work methods
  • Business vision and consulting services
  • Daily webinars for learning