Free ebook: An Unfailing Guide to WhatsApp
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WhatsApp for ecommerce

In this ebook we are going to review the benefits of WhatsApp for e-commerce.

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What you will find inside

Updated 2023

WhatsApp for e-commerce is a practice that is constantly growing and evolving, as the app takes steps to provide a bridge between customers and businesses.

In a sea of 2 billion users, you may well find the right audience for your products or services. WhatsApp is ready for your e-commerce, so, let’s explore what the app can offer.

This is what you will find in the ebook:


  • Introduction
  • Why WhatsApp API?
  • Let’s examine some of the WhatsApp API Features
  • WhatsApp API for Customer Experience in e-commerce
  • Chatbots and WhatsApp API
  • Coming soon: WhatsApp Pay
  • Wrapping up
  • Use Cases
FREE E-book An unfailing guide to Whatsapp for e-commerce