Free ebook: 15 Woztell Use Cases for business

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In this ebook you will discover how to boost your business with WhatsApp. Inside you will find 15 use cases for businesses.

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What you will find inside

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The aim of the ebook is to inspire you to get the most out of the WhatsApp API according to your business sector.

That’s why we give you several examples of use cases to improve the performance of your business.

This is what you will find in the ebook:


  • Why WhatsApp 
  • WhatsApp for education
  • WhatsApp for Real Estate
  • WhatsApp for Healthcare
  • WhatsApp for e-commerce
  • WhatsApp for tecnology
  • WhatsApp for marketing
  • WhatsApp for automotion

We hope you liked this ebook. We believe that with this ebook you can get a lot out of it and get an idea of how WhatsApp can change your business.

And increase your sales!