If WOZTELL is not functioning right for you, you should know that it can be due to failures in WhatsApp and ZOHO. But how do you know if there are problems with WhatsApp or ZOHO service? Let’s read about this problem.

  • One of the reasons that bother too many people its because of failures in the internet service. Along with problems caused by power cuts. Years go by, but the greatest invention is still power energy. A lot of services depend on it.
  • The problems that were the source of cuts in electricity or in the Internet carry multiple problems so much at home, as in the workplace. From lost workdays to potential problems with appliances and food.
  • This brings us a lot of anxiety and nerves so the first recommendation if WOZTELL doesn’t work for you is to stay calm.

Check the status of WhatsApp from the application with the objective of checking the status of WhatsApp and ZOHO

You can view WhatsApp’s service status from within the application. There, we can check for errors or problems with the connection. With the purpose of seeing this, we need to go to settings, help and service status. There, you can check the status of the WhatsApp service. After you click on “service status”, a message will pop up indicating how the WhatsApp servers are doing.

Please note that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, so they are the same. If there are any failures on Facebook it may impact on WhatsApp.

We also need to revise other things, if we keep having problems with WOZTELL service. If we realise that the problems prevail, we can test the internet connection that we have installed in the office. You can reboot the router and see if it’s working. If it’s still not working, it is possible that there is a problem with the service provided by the internet provider. In this case, you would have to contact your internet provider.

You should also consider that WOZTELL depends on ZOHO. To check that all of ZOHO’s services are active and trouble-free you should go to these links. For those in Europe, you should check this link: https://status.zoho.eu/ and for the rest, at this other link: https://status.zoho.com/. There you will see a list of the different ZOHO services and applications and their status. Normally they are indicating that they are operational and in green.

It is also possible that you will not see any message notifying you of the system failure as the provider company has not yet been able to notify their customers. So in these incidents, you have to be patient and wait a few minutes for the service to be restored.

Power outages can also be the cause of system failure. If anything like that occur, it is recommended to contact the provider to verify if it is a local failure, or something much more bigger. Whatever the problem is, remember that everything has a solution, so don’t despair.

The best news when these problems happen is that you are assisted by a great company like WOZTELL. You won’t lose any of your work since everything is backed up and with maximum security. Thus, you just have to have a patience and soon everything will be rolling.

Also, keep in mind that from WOZTELL you will always have backup and support. You will never be alone and everything that depends on the company will be with you. Just remember that if you are having failures in WOZTELL’s service it can be as a result of the fact detailed above. Remember: revise the power, check the internet service in your facilities or the mobile data. Then do a WhatsApp and ZOHO service check.

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