WhatsApp direct link: how to do it in your business account

You have hired WOZTELL to be able to use WhatsApp Business in your company and not lose any data along the way. You already have your corporate number, your team knows how to use it and you have your CRM full of customers waiting. And now that? How are you going to let your customers know that they can contact you on WhatsApp?

Did you know that WhatsApp allows you to generate your own link to share with your contacts so that they can start a conversation by WhatsApp directly within your company?

WhatsApp direct link: Step by step

When you get a WhatsApp Business Account, you have automatically a link for your company. Here you have the steps to know your own link:
  1. Open your WhatsApp Business
  2. Go to Business settings > Company settings
  3. Press in Direct Link
  4. Copy it to use where you want.

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Universal links: Wa.me

Definitely, building your own links with wa.me is the easiest way to share the link of your WhatsApp Business:

https://wa.me/ <CodeCountry><YourNumber>

When using this method be sure to omit the parentheses, or any symbols. It only accepts numbers. Here you have an example. This is our own WhatsApp Business link:


Like you can see, our country code is <34>, that corresponds to the international code for Spain. And our company WhatsApp number is <644651332>

API WhatsApp

There is a second option to build a link. It’s with the WhatsApp API option. Really when we use the Universal Link, this link makes a call to a link that would be shown as follows in the address bar:


In the same way as in the universal link, after the link you have to add the phone number associated with the WhatsApp Business Corporate.

Following this idea: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone= <CodeCountry> <Number>

WhatsApp and Zoho

Personalised messages

You can predefine a message as a greeting. In this way, every time someone uses your link to contact your company, they can directly send the message that you have defined before to start the conversation. You can use messages like this:

“Hi! I would like to know more about you!”
“Hi! I have some doubts, can you help me?”

To use a link with a personalized message you can use the following message structure:


Try our link to see how it works:


And now…where can I use these WhatsApp direct link?

You can use these links where you want: in your website, in your email signature, in your RRSS… You can share this links with as many people as you want.

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