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Watch one of our Demos in a language of your choice and discover how WhatsApp API can be integrated with your Zoho CRM and can become the main channel of communication between your customers and your business.

Demo Session

WOZTELL is an official provider of the WhatsApp Business API. We offer you the best experience of using WhatsApp through our native integration with Zoho and 360º integrations using Webservices.


Sesión de demostración

Descubre cómo ofrecer la mejor experiencia a tus clientes a través de WhatsApp API y la integración con Zoho.


Sessão de demonstração

Woztell fornece a API oficial do WhatsApp Business, proporcionando a melhor experiência de uso do WhatsApp por meio da sua integração 360º nativa com Zoho.


डेमो सेशन – ऑन डिमांड

Woztell Whatsapp का आधिकारिक बिज़नेस सलूशन प्रोवाइडर है। हमरा एकीकरण Zoho के साथ नेटिव है और वेबसर्विसेस के साथ 360º एकीकरण है जिससे आपको WhatsApp का सबसे श्रेष्ठ अनुभव मिलता है।


ডেমো সেশন – অন্ ডীমান্ড

Woztell হঽল হোয়াটসঅ্যাপের ওফিশিঅল্ বিজ্নেস সলুশিঅন প্রোভাইদার্। আমাদের ইন্টিগ্রেশনটি ZOHOর সাথে নেতিভ্ এবং ওয়েবসার্চগুলির সাথে ৩৬০º ইন্টিগ্রেশন আপনাকে হোয়াটসঅ্যাপের সেরা অভিজ্ঞতা দেয়।


What you will see in the demo?

WhatsApp has almost a 100% open rate.

Reduce ´time to sales´ by at least 50% by eliminating the delay in receiving responses from leads via emails. Shorter the sales cycle, the higher your sales.

Unified communication

All your agents will use a single chat platform that is automatically synced with your company´s CRM. View all conversations in the profile of the customer. Even for multiple numbers, the platform remains unified.

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Reduce ´time to sales´ by at least 50% by eliminating Report results

Management is all about having operational information that you can use to make the right decisions to improve your business results. Woztell’s solution will empower you to take actions with WhatsApp data.

Automate your communication

A Chatbot for WhatsApp will allow you to provide 24/7 service. Automate your sales follow up activities with template messages.

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