Exclusive WhatsApp Marketing Fund

Apply up to USD200K fund

We are specialised in corporate chatbot and WhatsApp projects with hundreds of clients.

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Registration ends June 15, 2024

One-stop WhatsApp solution

We deliver tailored WhatsApp solution with easy onboarding experience and profitable outcomes

Up to USD200K incentive

Up to $200,000 available to cover development costs by WOZTELL for high-potential WhatsApp projects

What is WhatsApp Marketing Fund?

WhatsApp Marketing Fund (WMF) is an exclusive program offered by WOZTELL, WhatsApp Business Solution provider, to high potential clients to fully unlock the potential of WhatsApp and help your business thrive.

Through WMF, up to USD200K incentive can be given to potential accounts for WhatsApp implementation cost depending on their project sizes and estimated WhatsApp usage.


Am I eligible to the program?

Brands with 100K+ contact / client numbers are eligible.

How much can I apply for?

A maximum of USD200K incentive can be applied.

The incentive can be used on the following items:

  • Set up and onboarding of WhatsApp Business Platform
  • Integration WhatsApp with company’s technological stack (e.g. CRM, sales/marketing operations)
  • Develop chatbot and automation
  • Implement live chat solution
  • or all sorts of suitable project development fee
Requirements on the incentive amount

Brands should commit a minimum of 5X ROI of the subsidised incentive on the WhatsApp conversation pricing within the first year after implementation. E.g. Customer project ROI for a full year is $500K/annum based on conversation volume.

Partner Statement of Work (SoW) submitted for HiPo funding for such opportunity should not exceed $100K

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WOZTELL is a Venture Builder specialized in WhatsApp solutions.

Since 2019, we are WhatsApp Business Solution Provider with thousands of customers around the world and hundreds of projects completed.

We have offices in Spain, Hong Kong and Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply?

1. Contact WOZTELL to discuss on your brands’ needs on WhatsApp services
2. Confirm joining the program by signing the agreement with WOZTELL and Meta
3. Get your budget approved and kickstart your WhatsApp journey!

Who are the target audience of the program?

If you have a large database of customers’ WhatsApp numbers and want to make use of them to achieve high sales return, this program is the best for you!

Do I need to have a WhatsApp Business Platform account to participate in program?

No. This is a fully supported onboarding program. So no matter if you are new to WhatsApp or an existing customer, we, WOZTELL, will plan it out for you! 😉

What if I cannot reach the committed WhatsApp conversation volume?

No worry, there’s no backfire if you cannot reach the targeted amount. Alas, we will try our best to help you reach the desired message volume with our tailored WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Why WhatsApp is good for my business?

There are 2 billion+ WhatsApp users over the globe. Developing WhatsApp for your business can open up a faster, simpler and more convenient messaging channel to outreach your customers and support your business along the customer acquisition funnel. It that can greatly boost sales and conversions (we marked a 130%+ increase after the 1st month) for your business while having the highest open rate, read rate and conversion rate among website, SMS and email.

What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

WhatsApp Business Platform is launched to facilitate corporates in adopting WhatsApp to their businesses. It also has lots of exclusive features (e.g. chatbot implementation, interactive messages, green tick verification, support unlimited number of live agents etc) that can further enhance customer experience and enable flexible integration to a company’s tech stack.

Does it mean it's totally free? What is the cost to participate the program?

WhatsApp Conversation Pricing is still applied and the project needs to be completed within 90 days.

The incentive is not eligible to cover the cost of WhatsApp messages. You still need to pay for the WhatsApp messages fee according to your WhatsApp usage.

WhatsApp message is priced every 24 hours per unique WhatsApp number. The cost of each WhatsApp message is USD0.0745 (HKD 0.58 / RMB 0.5)