Workshop: Conversational solution in WhatsApp: Example of online academy

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Build a complete conversational solution using WhatsApp and multiply your sales

At WOZTELL we know that getting started is difficult. Conversational marketing is a new and unknown discipline, so most companies do not have enough information or resources to be able to implement it in their strategies.

That’s why, in this live workshop, we will see in a very simple way, how to build a complete conversational solution in WhatsApp using WOZTELL.

  • The basics: The structure of the conversational solution that best suits your needs.
  • How to talk to customers: The conversational funnel for your potential customers including:
    -Requirements and configuration to start using the WhatsApp Cloud API
    -WhatsApp Entry Points
    -Conversational Marketing Strategies
    -Business Management with WhatsApp
    -Customer service using WhatsApp
  • Best practices in the use of WhatsApp Cloud API.
  • Costs of a conversational strategy and first steps to implement it.

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Conversational solution in WhatsApp: Example of online academy

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