You can send different types of content marketing  on WhatsApp – This is how

We live in the age of communication, where there is an immense variety of types of content marketing that you can use to engage with your customers. This means you can expand the customers you reach because they find your information in the format they like.

We could almost say that the only limit is your imagination.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of content marketing and how you can send them on WhatsApp.

Why are there so many types of content marketing?

Content marketing is any content you create that doesn’t focus on a pure sales message. The goal is to create and distribute relevant and useful content to your audience. In this way, you position yourself as a subject matter expert and show your values to your potential customer.

So, why are there so many types of content marketing?

The answer is very simple: the internet is always changing. Everyday there are new trends, web pages, and not every content fits with only one format. It has reached a point where you can’t use the same format for all content (or at least you shouldn’t).

Learning how to make a cake is much easier with a YouTube video than with an article. While an article is a great way to share a recipe, imagine yourself with flour covered hands trying to scroll down to figure out how to continue.

One of the reasons to use different types of content marketing is that you don’t want your audience to get bored.

Another reason is that with different types of content you can be wherever your clients are and grow your audience.

Let’s see some examples of types of content marketing  that you can share on WhatsApp

Let’s dive into some types of content marketing you can share on WhatsApp to engage your customers and convert leads.

It doesn’t matter if you have an e-commerce that sells pet products and you also have a veterinary visit service. This is how you can use different types of content marketing.

Traditional types of content marketing


These types of posts are one the most common in content marketing. In a blog you can write about topics related to your products and services to create awareness and engagement.

  • Let’s say a customer contacts you via WhatsApp asking about how to take care of their dog during the summer. You can create a template with a button that takes the customer to the blog post they need.


It is a great visual tool to share complex information in a simple way. Infographics have a lot of impact. If you choose the right topic and graphic you can elevate your content and reach new audiences.

  • You can send your customers an infographic with tips on how to make their home safer for their cat.


Although videos are more difficult and expensive to produce, they engage people quickly. Videos are versatile, they can be fun and people enjoy watching them.

  • Suppose you have a conversation with a customer who has bought a dog house to put in their yard and they are having trouble setting it up. You can send them a video tutorial with a step-by-step on how to build the dog house.

eBooks and White papers

These are long texts that users can download after filling out a form with data such as name, phone number and email. With this information you can nurture a lead and convert it into a customer.

  • You can write an eBook to draw more customers to a WhatsApp conversation. For example, you can offer an eBook titled “How to train your dog”. Customers can download it by filling out a form and they will receive a copy of the eBook on their WhatsApp.

Success stories

Real stories with real results are very useful to show how you have helped others. This can help you gain the trust of your prospects and convert them into customers.

  • Suppose one of your veterinarians took care of a cat that was very sick, and thanks to the service provided by the veterinarian, the cat got better. You can write a success story about the cat, talk about its illness and how, with the help of the vet, it got better. You can send it via WhatsApp to nurture your leads and engage with them.


This is a scheduled broadcast where you can talk about your services and products, teach how to use a tool or whatever comes to mind.

  • You can schedule a webinar on how to cook for your pet and send the information and registration forms via WhatsApp using a webinar template.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

New trends  of content marketing

In addition to these traditional types of content marketing, there are new trends that companies are using to engage with their customers and generate leads. Let’s take a look at some examples and how you can send them via WhatsApp.


More and more people are listening to podcasts to learn about different topics and stay up to date on the issues that interest them. This content marketing format is also a great opportunity for your business. According to a study by Demand Gen (2022) podcasts are among the most popular formats at the top of the funnel for B2B buyers.

  • You can create a message template with CTA buttons that take your customer to a podcast in which you talk about different aspects of pet care.


It can be considered as a new language that is everywhere and companies are using it to connect with their customers. This type of content marketing can give your posts a fun detail that can attract readers and traffic to your website. 

Lo que ya podemos considerar como un nuevo lenguaje que está en todas partes. Y, las empresas ya lo están usando para conectar con sus clientes. Este tipo de content marketing puede darles a tus artículos un toque gracioso que dirija tráfico a tu web.

  • You can create a meme to send to your customers at the end of a conversation to end with a funny image, or have a meme to put in a message template with information about a discount.

Best practices to manage different types of content marketing  on WhatsApp

Let’s now look at some tips for managing different types of content marketing on WhatsApp.

Choose your primary content type

Think about your business and your audience to choose what type of content is best for you. This doesn’t mean you will only create one type of content, but having a focus can be helpful when making your content plan.

Think where your audience is 

Analyze what kind of formats your audience consumes and where they do it. If you see that your audience spends a lot of time on YouTube, create more videos. However, if you see that written content performs better, develop more blogs and e-books.


Creating different types of content marketing can be child’s play if you reuse content to use it in different formats. Note that this doesn’t mean copy and paste, you have to adapt the content to the new format. By doing so, you can use the same content from a webinar to write an eBook or to create an infographic.

Pro tip: create a document with ideas on how to reuse a piece of content, so that when you need a new piece you will already have some of the work done.

To sum up

There are so many types of content marketing that you are sure to find more than one that can help you create more leads and convert them into customers.

We hope we have given you an overview of how to use content organically and through WhatsApp.

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