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Integration of ChatGPT and WhatsApp

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Benefits of using ChatGPT integrated with WhatsApp API

Connect with your customers on a deeper level by combining ChatGPT’s personalization with the immediacy of WhatsApp API. Turn each interaction into a unique experience.

Customer Support Optimization

Continuous 24/7 support on WhatsApp, increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening brand loyalty.


Natural Conversation Flow

WhatsApp conversations that feel genuine and personalised, surpassing the traditional chatbot experience.

Seamless Integration with Various Systems

Direct connection to CRM and ERP systems through WOZTELL APIs, enabling automated responses based on specific customer data.

Scalability and Global Reach

Harness the scalable power of GPT and the extensive reach of WhatsApp, efficiently reaching customers worldwide with convenience.

Advanced Personalization

Adapt ChatGPT to your business’s specific needs using prompts and customized databases, offering responses and solutions tailored precisely to your requirements and those of your customers.

Customer Support Optimization

Natural Conversation Flow

Seamless Integration with Various Systems

Scalability and Global Reach

Advanced Personalization

Ready-to-Use integration between ChatGPT and WOZTELL’s WhatsApp API

Elevate your conversations with our ready-to-use integration, designed to seamlessly merge the capabilities of ChatGPT with the popularity of WhatsApp. Transform your communication experience in a matter of minutes.

Direct Integration between ChatGPT and Your Chatbots

Connect ChatGPT at any chatbot node. Combine ChatGPT’s intelligence with the familiarity of WhatsApp for more human and personalized responses.

Choose ChatGPT's Levels of Creativity

Customize ChatGPT’s creativity according to your needs. From more general responses to highly creative interactions, decide how your AI responds.

Pre and Post Message Behavioral Instructions

Define specific behaviors before and after the customer sends a message. This additional control ensures that each conversation aligns with your business objectives.

Select Your AI Model

Adapt your chat to different scenarios by choosing from various artificial intelligence models. You have full control over the customer experience.

Works with

ChatGPT works with WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger
Discover how this extension can revolutionize your customer interactions. Ready to take your conversations to a new level?

Custom solutions development between ChatGPT and WhatsApp API

The combination of ChatGPT and WhatsApp API is powerful on its own, but with custom developments, we take that power to the next level.

Customize the experience seamlessly to fit the specificities and challenges of your business, ensuring unique solutions for every area of your organization.

Integration with Various Systems

Benefit from seamless integration between ChatGPT and your business systems.

Example: In marketing, combining CRM with ChatGPT on WhatsApp allows for automatic customer segmentation and sending personalized messages based on purchase history.

Use of Custom Databases

Maximize your conversations by using custom databases to provide highly relevant and goal-aligned responses.

Example: In sales, when a potential customer inquires about a product, ChatGPT can access the database to provide up-to-date information about availability and shipping options.

Training of ChatGPT

Mold ChatGPT according to the specifics of your industry and company, thereby enhancing its accuracy and relevance.

Example: In operations, training ChatGPT with industry-specific terminology and processes ensures that responses are coherent and tailored to each situation.

Providing Feedback Based on Conversation Analysis

Use real-time analysis to enhance the user experience and provide valuable feedback to your teams.

Example: In customer support, upon detecting low satisfaction levels in a conversation, ChatGPT can suggest specific responses or actions to agents to regain customer trust.

Proactive Automation

Harness the power of anticipating customer needs and providing solutions before they are even aware of the need.

Example: In the sales area, after identifying a series of recurring queries on WhatsApp about a specific product, ChatGPT can automatically send promotions or detailed information about that product, turning curiosity into a potential sale.

On-Demand Personalization

Give your users control over their conversation experience, adapting to their preferences and ensuring meaningful interactions.

Example: In marketing, if a user prefers to receive information about local events, ChatGPT, via WhatsApp, can send them announcements and details only about those specific events, increasing relevance and engagement.

Integration with Analytics Platforms

Combine ChatGPT’s intelligence with advanced analytics tools and gain a clear and actionable overview of how your customers interact with your brand on WhatsApp.

Example: In operations, by analyzing conversation trends, you can identify areas for improvement or processes that need optimization and take action based on real and current data.

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