Attend to your customers
24/7 on autopilot!

With WOZTELL you can automate your conversations to generate more sales and improve customer satisfaction with
our pre-designed bots.


Clientes que confían en nosotros

Clients who trust us

Why should your company have a Chatbot?

24/7 customer support

Answer frequently asked questions

Generate leads and manage them

Increase your shopping cart value

Multichannel Chatbots

customer support

Use bots to qualify problems and provide solutions quickly without the need for human attention.

Answer frequently asked questions

Don’t waste time answering the same questions on your website. Let a bot do it for you.

Generate leads and manage them

Forms do NOT work. Use a bot to capture customer data in real time and increase customer satisfaction.

Increase your cart value

Use Chatbots to recommend products or services on your website organically to increase your sales.

Multichannel Chatbots

Serve your customers automatically on multiple channels: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Shopify and Web.

No programming

Develop all your Chatbots 100% customizable without programming and just in a few minutes

What can your business do with a chatbot?

We give you all the tools you need to build the chatbot that best suits your business. Easy to use, without code and without having to depend on anyone.


Provide information on how your online store works, resolve basic queries in an instant, improve customer satisfaction.

Increased sales.
Management of multiple requests.



Automatically send messages to nurture your customers, which can lead to the sale or hiring of your services.

Drive large-scale engagement.
Optimize the funnel.
One-to-one communication.


A good way to collect data is through surveys, using a chatbot to store information automatically.

Increase customer satisfaction.
Gather specific data and characteristics of consumers.



Use automations to provide your prospects with relevant offers and discounts based on when they are.

 Reduce the sales cycle.
 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sales.

Live Chat

Answer basic queries that are mostly repetitive with a chatbot so that agents are only involved in handling complex support activities.

 Prevent agent burnout.
 Improve customer satisfaction rate.


Fas Bot

The easiest chatbot for businesses to sell, support and engage that’s ready to go whenever you need it.

 Quick start.
 No code.

Pre-designed templates