Chatbots everywhere

An agent that never sleeps, takes no holidays and can chat with an unlimited number of customers at the same time. Sounds like a dream for your company. Well, this is a chatbot.

Boost your growth with chatbots + WhatsApp API.

What your company can do with a chatbot?

Chatbots offer businesses the opportunity to bring humans and machines together as a perfect match. They can be operational 24/7, facilitate business expansion into new markets with their multilingual capabilities, automate repetitive tasks, and more, at a fraction of the operational costs of legacy systems.


Automate prequalification for sales, solve Tier 1 queries in a fraction of minutes and improve the image of your brand.

  • Increase in sales
  • Handle multiple requests
  • Satisfied customers


Send useful and informative messages to nurture your customers, which can lead to a sale or the engagement of your services.

  • Drive engagement at scale
  • Optimize funnel
  • One to One communication


A good way to collect reported data is through surveys; this helps you address customer needs and wants.



Provide your sales team with the right information and data to enable them to sell effectively.

  • Reduce sales cycle
  • Multi lingual
  • 24/7 selling

Live Chat

Clears a high volume of tier 1 queries that are mostly repetitive, and agents intervene only for complex support tasks.

  • Prevent agent burnout
  • Improve customer satisfaction rate

Fast Bot

Simplest chatbot for businesses, to sell, support and engage. Ready to go whenever you need it.

  • Keyword based
  • Quick start
  • No code

Our chatbot solution is powered by our business partner Sanuker

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A company using the WhatsApp Business API to secure customer account activation


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