Make the most out of WhatsApp in your academic institution using broadcast messages

The educational world is increasingly competitive, and people approach academies as they do with any company.

When we look for a course we all want a great experience that is worth investing our time and money in.

In this article, we tell you how you can use WhatsApp broadcast messages in your academic institution.

What are broadcast messages?

First, let’s understand what this feature is.

broadcast messages are messages that arrive directly on the screen of users’ phones, even if they are not active on WhatsApp.

These messages are presented just like a notification of a conversation with a friend, so the open rate scales up to 98%.

This WhatsApp Cloud API feature allows institutions to send massive messages to groups of people, specific segments, or to one person to start a conversation.

As we mentioned, its operation is similar to any WhatsApp message. Therefore, it allows you to include multimedia elements such as images, videos, or documents.

What makes this tool stand out (besides its high effectiveness) are the answer buttons. They allow you to guide the conversation with the user or add a useful CTA.

Now let’s see some uses of WhatsApp broadcast messages in your academic institution

Broadcast Messages for marketing in education

broadcast messages are a great tool to communicate with people who are interested in taking a course at your academic institution.

Draw students

As happens in any company, the first step is to find people interested in acquiring your services.

In this case, it could be a course in your institution. Although you can’t use broadcast messages for a “cold contact”, you can use them to send valuable information to those who have shown interest in your services.

On your webpage, you can include an entry point to WhatsApp, whether with a form or with a pop-up to obtain the opt-in from your user and be able to send messages.

Once you have it, you can send broadcast messages about:

  • Events and webinars.
  • Free lessons.
  • Counseling.
  • Brochures and informative videos.
  • And much more, the limit is your imagination.
This way, you can nurture prospects and increase the chances of turning them into a sale.

Broadcast Messages for sales in education

Now let’s dive into some ways to use WhatsApp broadcast messages once the user knows what course they want to take.

Application process

In most cases, people will have to go through an application process to be able to start a course.

With WhatsApp, you can start the process and make it seamless.

You just need to use a broadcast messages with a button that activates a chatbot. There you can compile the information and the necessary documents to know if this user is qualified to take the course they want.

Registration process

Waiting for news about the admission status and information about the processes to follow can be stressful for students. New generations do not even look at their e-mail inbox, and important messages are buried among thousands of others waiting to be read.

For this reason, broadcast messages are especially useful in your academic institution:

You can use them to:

  • Send updates and alerts
  • Inform about the admission process
  • Alert about an additional procedure to continue
  • Inform about the deadline to send the required documentation


Although direct payment via WhatsApp has not yet reached all countries (it is being tested in Brazil and India), you can use WhatsApp and broadcast messages to make payment easier for your students.

You can send a broadcast messages reminding the students about the payment with a CTA button that directs them to the payment platform.

You can take this experience to the next level if you create an automation with Zapier so that as soon as a student pays receives they receive the proof of payment to their WhatsApp.

Broadcast Messages for post-sales services

Up to now, we have focused on how to use WhatsApp broadcast messages in your academic institution for different marketing and administrative procedures.

However, WhatsApp is also very useful to give students a great experience during and after their formation.

Student support

Students are not the only ones who have e-mails piling up in their inboxes. If you decided to take a look at our cell phones, WOZTELL employees here also have several to read…

But, this is normal. Hundreds of companies send messages, and important e-mails are lost in the noise.

With broadcast messages, you can take this information directly to your students’ favorite channel, so they won’t miss:

  • Lessons using CTA buttons, multimedia elements, or even a chatbot organized in categories.
  • Reminders of exams, essays, talks, etc.
  • Schedule updates and classroom changes.
  • Exams.

Alumni loyalty

When a student finishes a course or master in your academic institution, this is not the end of your relationship with them. You never know if they will want to take another course in the future, and reminding them you are an option will help you obtain their loyalty.

You can use WhatsApp broadcast messages to offer new courses that complement their previous courses, and notify them about alumni events, networking and any other activity.

Good practices when sending broadcast messages

Now that you know some of the things you can do with broadcast messages in your academy, let’s see some aspects you need to keep in mind for your communications to be of quality.

As we mentioned before, it is important to have the users’ authorization before sending them any message.

This not only ensures that users will expect your messages and therefore will have greater chances of conversion, but you will also fulfill one of the obligations WhatsApp has for businesses.

One of the objectives of META is to keep WhatsApp Cloud API as a safe channel and spam free, so that both users and companies can enjoy the benefits.
There are many ways to obtain the opt-in from the users:
  • Form or poo-up on your webpage.
  • Check-box when creating an account.
  • In a user-initiated conversation.
  • SMS.
  • In-person.

Remember to always inform the users your company name and the type of messages that you will send in a clear way.

Personalization and relevance

None likes to receive a generic message that doesn’t represent our interests. Sending messages massively can be easy for the first part of your strategy, but it won’t generate the best results.

Pro tip: if you create segmentation based on your users’ interests you will ensure they receive relevant communications.


Given its instant and colloquial nature, WhatsApp is a channel that is distinguished by the use of emojis and stickers to accompany short messages.

Sending messages from your institution with formal language will create greater dissonance and make you appear more “business-like” than you probably want.


When scheduling broadcast messages, think about the lifestyle of your customers and where they live.

Remember that no one wants to receive a text message, offering them a free English lesson at 4 am!

In a nutshell

WhatsApp has made its way into the education sector. More and more institutions are trying it out of curiosity, and eventually, continue to use it because of its efficiency and the good results they obtain.

A beneficial experience for both students and the team behind each organization.

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