WhatsApp Business usage must be regulated by a set of appropriate drills. So, we can be more successful in adopting this powerful business tool. Picture that you’ve had some annoying interruptions in the middle of a huge conversation or you’re sleeping and you receive that annoying call or message.

It’s just that, for all social, work or interpersonal relationships, rules of good manners have always been applied. These rules are not only applied in physical environments, but also in the media.

So let’s take a look at some good ideas for using WhatsApp Business with WOZTELL

This series of good ideas can be summarized in a manual and you will see how relevant they are. This emphasis is based on the fact that this media has no less than 1300 million users in 180 countries. Just to catch the idea of this, during 2017 more than 75 billion messages were sent, specifically 13 billion images and 5 billion videos.

Note: WOZTELL, the tool that integrates your CRM with WhatsApp for businesses, has already guaranteed these aspects.

  • Reply to messages: leaving a message as “seen” can be considered as a rude attitude. It may imply that the other person is unimportant. It is enough for the sender to delete the message to realize that the recipient has not read it. If you are busy it is better to read it when you have time but you it’s imperative to do so, because, in this way, no misunderstandings or suspicions will be generated.
  • In relation to new contacts, it is always better to send a first message rather than a direct call. Therefore, we can make a kind of introduction without being too intrusive. There are people who do not like to be called directly when it is not someone they know, let alone interrupted in some activity.

It is better to avoid messages outside the recipient’s working hours, depending on what time zone you are in

There is nothing worse that interrupting someone’s sleep for a commercial issue.

  • Things to consider in groups. A group of people will have some facts and interests in common. For example, if you have clients or potential clients classified or segmented in your CRM, it is always a good asset that WhatsApp messages will be sent through WOZTELL to these groups addresses and their related issues. Sending out of focus business proposals is not a good option. Remember that with WOZTELL you can always oversee all conversations and exchanges between your employees and your clients from your own CRM. Hence, you can control and see that everything is in accordance with the interest of the group and the company.
  • Not leaving conversations halfway through is another recommended good action. When you finish the conversation, you should say goodbye. If there is another matter to be deal with, you must take note of that.
  • The use of emojis should be another of the aspects to consider when developing a good operation in WhatsApp Business usage. Keep in mind that emojis can represent different things for each person. That is why, it is good to know each contact very well before sending emojis. If even this contact is not well known it is better not to use them.
  • Being in conversation with other people at the same time as finding yourself chatting and sending messages. Don’t do it because even if users don’t see you, they can still perceive it. Of course, there can be exceptions for important issues.

Avoid practical jokes, memes, and fake news

  • Do not use too long audio messages. Besides exasperating the receiver because of its length, it might happen that he cannot hear it and requires spending too much data. Go straight to the point or make a phone call.
  • Not shouting is very important. Do not write in capital letters as that is like shouting. You can make that text important with bold letters and there are other ways to emphasise phrases and words.
  • Be careful with the spelling. Misspellings are a lack of knowledge. Having good spelling shows respect and good taste as well as being polite. In addition, spell-checking devices are now available, so sending messages with spelling mistakes is considered inappropriate.

All these good practices to take into account when using WhatsApp can be monitored and implemented with WOZTELL. Find out now all the benefits of this integration, now available, ZOHO CRM and WhatsApp Business.

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