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Become a WhatsApp Business Platform manager

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Here is the complete course content

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1 - Introduction to WhatsApp Business Platform (WBP)
  1. Conversational “era”
  2. Conversational challenges and opportunities
  3. Why customers love WhatsApp
  4. WBP approach to conversational
  5. Understanding the WBP
  6. WBP Cloud API
2 - Introduction to WOZTELL
  1. What’s WOZTELL
  2. Create your free account
  3. Get your free WBP number
  4. Configure and activate your WBP number
3 - WBP coversational pricing
  1. Values
  2. Business policies
  3. Commerce policies
4 - WBP quality rating
  1. Goals
  2. How to mantain high quality
  3. Tiers
  4. Best practices
5 - WBP message types
  1. Introduction to message templates
  2. Text-based messages
  3. Media-based messages
  4. Interactive messages
  5. Message mockup generator
6 - Working with WBP messages
  1. How to create a message template
  2. Variables
  3. Languages
  4. Sending push notifications
  5. Segmenting push notifications
  6. Understanding buttons
  7. Undestanding list messages
  8. Understanding media messages
  9. Types of payment alloweb by WhatsApp
7 - WBP entry points and marketing activation
Conversations across the customer journey

Entry points overview

Organic entry points: social media

Organic entry points: website

Organic entry points: telephony

Organic entry points: QR codes and short links

Paid entry points: social media

Paid entry points: conversational ads

Paid entry points: SEM

Paid entry points: traditional advertisment

8 - Getting the most out of WBP across the customer journey
  1. WBP for awareness
  2. WBP for consideration
  3. WBP for purchase
  4. WBP for customer care
  5. WBP for generating loyalty
9 - WBP overall strategy by department
  1. WBP for marketing
  2. WBP for sales
  3. WBP for customer care
  4. WBP for customer success
10 - WBP at scale
  1. Live chat management
  2. Live chat: multi-agent
  3. Live chat: multi-number
  4. Automations
  5. Templates
  6. Virtual assistants and chatbots
  7. Common chatbots and assistants on WBP
  8. How to create an assistant on WBP
  9. Chatbots and assistants best practices
  10. WBP integrations opportunities
11 - WBP analytics
  1. WBP KPIs
  2. WBP dashboards
12 - WBP use cases
  1. E-commerce
  2. Financial
  3. Telco
  4. Non-profits

Practice activities and templates

Certification: WhatsApp Business Platform Manager Certification issued by the Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia

Below, you can start with these two master classes focused on giving an overview of what WhatsApp Business Platform is and how to take the first steps

Master class: How to get thousands of customers with WhatsApp

In this Master Class, we are going to have a presentation by Philip Chan, who will tell us about:

  • What is Whatsapp Business Platform and why use it to communicate with your clients
  • How to benefit from WhatsApp’s opportunities
  • The first steps to get started with the WhatsApp Business number

In the practical session of the Master Class, Adelaida Mahiques will show us how to:

  • Create your free WOZTELL account
  • Obtain your WhatsApp Business Platform number
  • Get the account and WhatsApp number ready to use
webinar get  customers whatsapp

Master class: Activate your WhatsApp strategy

webinar get  customers whatsapp

Philip Chan discussed two key points for you to start making the most of your WhatsApp number:

The first is related to managing live conversations: For this, we used Zoho Cliq as a conversation management tool. It is a free messaging tool that allows you to communicate on multiple channels thanks to its integration with WOZTELL, use multiple agents and launch WhatsApp templates directly.

Secondly, we present the 4 automations that we consider basic to start working with WhatsApp on autopilot. Focused on offering assistance to your customers and capturing new leads for your business.

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