Become a WOZTELL hunter and earn up to $3000 monthly!

At WOZTELL, we are beginning the new year with thrilling projects. The first one we have on our hands, is the collaboration with Meta to expand the knowledge of their Facebook Messenger chat Plugin.

This is our challenge, and we are looking for the best hunters to help us achieve our goals.

In this article, we are going to explain why you should join us, and what we can do for you! 

What is the challenge?

The end goal of the campaign is to introduce the plugin to customers that qualify and can benefit from it.

The profile of the customers is as follows:

  • B2B businesses
  • + 1,000 daily website visits
  • Install the Facebook chat plugin in their website and a WOZTELL’s chatbot on it

To hunt down these customers, we need people ready to tackle the challenge and convert and nurture these potential customers.

The offer for our future customers is awesome too, you can check it directly here.

What are the benefits for hunters?

All of it is all and well, but we are not coming to you empty-handed. In case this offer interests you, here at WOZTELL we propose the following conditions:
  • Competitive commissions: ranging from $150 per qualified customer, and after verification
  • All type of images, text, training videos, landing pages and e-books as resources to facilitate your sales process
  • Flexible and remote schedule
  • Commissions for up to 4 years if the customer upsells to higher plans
  • Possibility to work with us in future projects

You will also have a personalized onboarding with your Key Account Manager. We have selected the best experts in the field to guide and bring out the full potential of our hunters.

woztell hunters

We are committed to this project and to all the people that are working on it. We want people that recognize the potential of the conversational business and have the skills to bring this knowledge to other people.

What do we need from you?

Ok, now that you have learnt the potential of this project for you and your development, we are looking for people that suit this profile:
  • Experience in prospecting
  • Negotiation skills to talk with potential clients
  • Committed to results
  • Experience with CRMs or business management tools
  • Experience in sales

If you resonate with this description, then we are eager to have you on our team.

And finally, how do you apply?

The last step in this process is to submit your contact information so that we can reach out to you.
It is as easy as going to one of the following links to start working with one of our Key Account Managers, depending on your region and language:
Jerry Vale De Los Ríos woztell Key Account Manager


Europe, Middle East, and Africa in English, connect with Jerry here:

Jerry Vale De Los Ríos woztell Key Account Manager


Europe, Middle East, and Africa in Spanish, connect with Jerry here:

Patricia Morao


Latin America, connect with Patricia here:

anna sebastian woztell kam


Asia-Pacific, connect with Anna here:

We are looking forward to working with you, see you on the hunt!
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