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Offer the best B2B customer service with WhatsApp Cloud API

95% of B2B customers said that good customer service is essential to be loyal to a company.

The way to provide it? Use their favorite channel: WhatsApp.

Customer Support Challenges

B2B customers rely on your products or services to manage their own business, which means that they need to resolve quickly any doubt or problem that arises.

These problems tend to be more complex than the ones that come up with B2C companies.

For this reason, in your company you should have a support strategy that is up to the specific needs of your B2B customers.


The problems

Some of the problems that your customer support team might be facing are:

🅧 High volume of calls or messages resulting in long waiting times.

🅧 Lack of personalization of messages resulting in a failure to create experiences that customers will remember.

🅧 Lack of direct interaction with customers.

The solution with WhatsApp Cloud API

The solution to these problems is to offer customer support through conversational channels such as WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp Cloud API you can:

 Implement customer support chatbots that convey your brand’s personality.

 Have a closer relationship with your customers with the live chat.

 Eliminate waiting times with immediate responses.

 Offer support in a channel that your customers already use and that allows better interaction than e-mail.


Chatbot Template Gallery

Implementing this tool is easier than you think, and with our ready-to-use chatbot templates you will have your chatbot ready for action in just a few minutes.

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