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Entry points
In the digital age, the ability to interact directly with your customers is a critical competitive advantage.

WhatsApp, with its large user base and ease of use, offers an unrivaled communication channel for businesses. In this regard, WOZTELL positions itself as a key enabler, helping companies like yours to make the most of the WhatsApp Business platform.

This article explores how your company can implement effective strategies and entry points to maximize customer acquisition and retention through WhatsApp.

Integrate WhatsApp into the customer journey

Integrating WhatsApp strategically into your customer journey is transforming every touch point into an opportunity for direct and personalized communication.
A Meta study reveals that more than 75% of respondents prefer instant messaging as a means of communicating with companies, as they do with friends and family. This insight is vital to understand the value of WhatsApp, not only as a marketing tool, but as an extension of the customer experience.

From the pre-purchase moment, where the customer seeks information and validation, through the purchase phase, to post-sales and technical support, with WhatsApp, you can offer a continuous channel to maintain the conversation and trust of your customers.

Entry point strategies

When considering entry points, you should reflect on your objectives at each stage of the customer journey and how these points can influence customer behavior.

The choice of location for these points, whether on product pages to stimulate pre-purchase engagement or in post-sales communication to facilitate support, should be strategic.

Each entry point, whether organic or paid, initiates a conversation with the user’s consent, respecting their privacy and preferences, which is critical to building a lasting relationship.

Organic entry points in WhatsApp

Organic entry points will allow you to connect with your customers on WhatsApp without a direct cost, leveraging existing assets and communication channels. These include:
  • Websites and social networks: Permanent chat links placed on corporate websites or in social media profile bios facilitate direct access to a WhatsApp conversation. This constant visibility ensures that customers always have a clear path to initiate dialogues.
Puntos de entrada: Redes sociales
  • Publications in social networks: Although Instagram and Twitter do not allow clickable links directly in posts, mentioning the WhatsApp number or including QR codes in images can direct users to the messaging platform.
Puntos de entrada_publicaciones redes sociales
  • Instagram profile description: A strategic place to include the WhatsApp number, offering permanent visibility and direct access for visitors interested in communicating with your company.
Puntos de entrada_publicaciones redes sociales
  • Featured stories on Instagram: Using featured stories with links that direct to WhatsApp is an effective technique to capture the audience’s attention and facilitate an instant communication path.
  • WhatsApp Business Search: Enabling users to find the company through the WhatsApp Business search function is crucial to increasing visibility and accessibility. Optimizing the presence here involves ensuring that the display name and autoresponders are clear and reflect the purpose of the account.

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WhatsApp paid entry points

In addition to organic methods, there are paid entry points you can use to drive traffic to your WhatsApp channels. These include:
  • Announcements in social networks: Facebook and Instagram allow you to create targeted ads that include a “Send Message” button, which directs users directly to a WhatsApp conversation. This strategy is particularly useful for reaching new leads and potential customers outside the organic audience.
puntos de entrada: Anuncio_rrss
  • Marketing de Influencers: Collaborating with influencers to promote the company’s WhatsApp number in their posts can significantly expand reach and attract the influencer’s audience to your company.
puntos entrada_influencers
  • Traditional Advertising: Integrating QR codes or the WhatsApp number into product packaging, outdoor ads and other traditional media turns traditionally static touch points into dynamic ones, encouraging consumers to interact with your brand on WhatsApp.
Puntos de entrada_publicaciones redes sociales
Puntos de entrada_publicaciones redes sociales
  • Search engine advertising: Ads on Google and other search engines can be designed to promote your WhatsApp channel, directing users directly to an instant conversation.
Each of these entry points, both organic and paid, requires a carefully planned strategy to ensure they align with your business objectives. By optimizing these entry points, you will improve your customers’ experience, increase customer service efficiency and boost sales through direct, personalized communication.

Maximizing the effectiveness of WhatsApp for your business

Maximizing the effectiveness of WhatsApp involves not only selecting and strategically placing entry points, but also proactively managing your brand’s presence within the platform. This includes from the appearance in WhatsApp Business search results to the quality of the messaging service offered.
Investing in chatbot solutions, coupled with live agent support, can significantly increase your ability to handle a higher volume of customer interactions, ensuring quick and relevant responses. This, in turn, can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen the relationship with your company.


WhatsApp Business API gives you a powerful and direct means to interact with your customers. From awareness and consideration to purchase and post-sales support, every touch point offers an opportunity to deepen the customer relationship.
From WOZTELL we understand this dynamic and we present ourselves as a strategic ally for your company if you want to implement these solutions effectively, ensuring that every interaction contributes to the growth and success of your business in the digital environment.

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