WOZTELL is a conversational platform that you can use to manage customers’ communications.

Get your FREE WhatsApp Business API number and unlimited chatbots in ALL plans.

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Conversational solutions customized

Create your own online WhatsApp shop and send updates on your products to your customers.

Increase your sales by up to 27% using Whatsapp.

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woztell push notification

Send push notifications on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Get a 98% open rate and reduce costs in massive SMS messages.

Quickly assist your customers using a 24/7 chatbot that answers all your messages.

woztell bot messenger

Use our pre-designed templates and have your bot working in minutes.

woztell bot messenger
woztell cliq integration

Manage your Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram conversations using Slack, Teams, or Zoho Cliq.

woztell cliq integration

Boost your business efficiency by managing various channels, multiple agents, and your conversations in the same place.


Earn commissions for the licenses or resell them applying your profit margin. Create your customer’s projects and use our alerts to oversee their needs. Clone your proyects and resell them as much as you want.


woztell partner grow

Discover what type of partner adapts best to your reality and become a chatbot manager.

woztell partner grow

At WOZTELL, we believe and implement Corporate Social Responsibility actions, because companies play a key role in developing a better world.

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