2020 is coming to an end, and it has been a wonderful year. Everything has gone as planned. We have found the perfect product, the perfect team, and customers that are willing to pay the price we asked for. The market has overall done well this year and this means there is no excuse to not invest in new projects, such as implementing WhatsApp as a communication channel for customers.

Now, let’s get serious: we have worked hard to learn from each new customer, and to attract 99USD orders in countries as varied as the USA, China, Australia, Israel, etc. We have learned that even though you sell WhatsApp and everyone wants it, no one is going to gift you anything and you must create a team that is obsessed with customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp for enterprises is a brand new market, where everything is yet to be done and imagined. This means great opportunities while at the same time spending a lot of time on micro-experimentation.

Santa brings you WhatsApp for Christmas.

We want to share a trend we are noticing this December: companies are hiring WhatsApp for Christmas! Currently the time it takes to activate a WhatsApp company account can vary from 3 days to 3 weeks. January and 2021 are right around the corner, so companies are already sending the necessary documentation so that after the holidays they can start testing the effectiveness of the channel. What are you waiting for?

Tips to implement WhatsApp in January.

Setting up a new communication channel, without prior references, implies having a vision of what you want to achieve on a short, medium, and long term basis.

We recommend slowly dipping your toe into the pool.

The results of WhatsApp can offer to a company can be considerable, however, don’t be a victim of your own success. Recently, we received an initiative from a customer that wanted to start by launching 10,000 messages to their best customers, informing them of the new contact channel. Can you imagine that 10% of the answers and you have not foreseen this result and prepared a team?

To get WhatsApp up and running in your company, here’s a list of tips so you can do your homework over the Christmas holidays:

  1. Subscribe now: Remember that activation can take time and it is better to do plan ahead. January is just around the corner.
  2. Choose your geek: In your team, there is always someone that likes technology. Use him or her to help you learn how to use it. Don’t tell him everything. Let him experiment. Let him or she is the one to suggest the best way WhatsApp can help you achieve your goals.
  3. Don’t make money: Avoid starting out by using WhatsApp with your best customers, products, markets, etc. It’s better to spend a few weeks polishing your strategy, training your team, etc.
  4. Copy from others: Spend an hour contacting companies through WhatsApp and see how they treat you. Write down the good and the bad. This will save you time and prevent your clients from paying the price of your learning process.
  5. Automate later: once you automate something, you lose the feel for the customer’s pain. Don’t be in a hurry, and give yourself a few weeks before automating with workflows, WhatsApp chatbots, etc.
  6. Show off: you are one of the companies working with the technology that will change everything over the next two years. Promote it and be a show-off, to attract talent to your company, generate customer interest, etc. In the future, everyone will imitate you.


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