We want to get your business to become the next unicorn, and we prepared this list of 50 Ideas to increase your business using Official WhatsApp Business and ZOHO CRM.

We can divide these ideas into 9 different topics:

Global ideas about WhatsApp and Zoho CRM

1. Verified WhatsApp Business Account

Using a Verified WhatsApp Business account, your customers will feel secure about your WhatsApp account because you have already registered your corporate number. This increases the open rates of your messages and also the reliability of your company.

2. Collaborative work with WhatsApp

With Woztell, WhatsApp Business integrated into your Zoho CRM you can be able to coordinate your team in the same conversations of your customers. And the client will not see the conversations of coordination. 

3. Traceability of the information

If your team is using his own WhatsApp to attend your clients, you will miss a lot of information because it’s not in your CRM. The integration between WhatsApp Business and Zoho CRM, allows you to track all your in/out messages made by your team.

4. Increase your engagement

Compare these numbers: the email open rate is about 17%, but the open rate of the messages you send by WhatsApp is 98%. By changing the communication channel with your customers, you will increase your engagement. 

5. 24/7 attention

A Chatbot can work for you 24/7, it can answer all your customer queries right away. The answers on the first line could be automatic responses, and if it’s necessary, you can transfer to an agent to handle complex queries. 

WhatsApp Business Marketing for your Social Media Strategy

6. Facebook Company Page | Button of Contact through WhatsApp

With 2.449 million Facebook users, it is the social network with most users around the world. Your Facebook page allows you to add buttons, the suggestion is that you add a button with the link to your WhatsApp Business Verified. Follow these steps in our Knowledge Base.

7. Facebook Ads Campaigns

If you use Facebook Ads campaigns, you will be able to create click-to-WhatsApp ads in the Ads Manager. To carry out this type of campaign, you have to associate your company page with your WhatsApp Business number. You will be able to carry out campaigns both on Instagram, Facebook, and the entire Facebook advertising network, including for example, Instagram Stories. Follow these steps in our Knowledge Base.

8. Instagram Profile

There are around 894 million users on Instagram, and most of the sessions are done through mobile devices. We recommend you to do the following:

1.- Use your wa.me, if you don’t know how to create a personalized link, I will leave you here, an article from our Knowledge Base.

2.- Add a default message, according to the campaign you have active,

3.- Use a link shortener, so you can put a name to that link. You can include in your posts a message like “Send me a WhatsApp, just go to our profile link”

You can include in your posts a message like “Send me a WhatsApp, just go to our profile link”

9. LinkedIn with WhatsApp and ZOHO

LinkedIn is the social network by reference for professionals, whether you decide to contact the company’s WhatsApp, you can include it in your publications. Whether they are company publications, where you are looking for direct contact with the client, or a publication of your professional personal profile. 

10. LinkedIn contacts

LinkedIn is the social network by reference for professionals, whether you decide to contact the company’s WhatsApp, you can include it in your publications. Whether they are company publications, where you are looking for direct contact with the client, or a publication of your professional personal profile.

11. Post with the link to your Wa.me

In Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media, you can publish links inside, for the last years in the Marketing Team, they tried to get traffic to their websites, but for example, you can put the link directly to your WhatsApp. With this, you can receive direct messages from your customers.

WhatsApp Business for your Website Strategy

12. Update your contact page

Users who have reached the Contact page usually come to this page to proactively act, either by filling out a form or sending an email. It is recommended to add a WhatsApp Button to allow the visitor direct contact with the company.

13. Floating button threw out the web

The floating web button is the one that is displayed in all sections of the web. If we have a floating button within the web, it is recommended to integrate the floating button within all sections of the web, with a link direct to WhatsApp Business.

14. Footer of the web

The footer of the web is the last part of the websites. We recommend you to add within the footer of the Web a direct Button to establish contact through WhatsApp Business.

15. Landing pages

Landing pages are pages optimized for converting visitors into Leads. A resource to Optimize your Conversion Rate (CRO) is to add a button with a predetermined message to understand that this message comes.

16. Blog Post’s

If one of the general Marketing strategies is Content Marketing, it’s recommended that within each article you need to have a call to action and this can be made with very specific texts.

For example:  “If you have any doubt about these features, you can send me a WhatsApp here

Pre-sales work with WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM

17. Pre-qualification of the leads in B2B Business

Your pre-sales team have to give leads to the sales team, with all the data that they can gather. So the best time to ask their contact it’s at the beginning of a conversation, you can say for example: “Please share with me your corporative email to fill my CRM” and with this same email, you can have all the data in his domain about the company.

18. Pre-qualification of the leads in B2C Business

If you sell something you have to think to the end consumer, and you are using WhatsApp, maybe your conversations are mostly of Customer Care, but also you can have some conversations, that are closer to close a deal. In this case, be proactive, send links, and answer all the questions through WhatsApp. This will help you to close the sale.

19. Pre-sales Channel

The first contact of the client with your company will be with your pre-sales team, what better than to be able to attend from the beginning of the channel currently most comfortable for the client: WhatsApp.

20. Traceability of the information from the first contact

WOZTELL lets you know if the person who is contacting you is a customer, a potential new customer, or a potential recurring customer, since thanks to the integration with your CRM, when a WhatsApp message arrives, it will directly appear with their name if it is already in our database or, on the contrary, it will appear as unknown if we have never had contact with it before.

Depending on whether the person we are talking to is a customer or a potential customer, we must manage it one way or another the task. You can set guidelines and train your agents while practicing in real conversations. You can also set your Woztell so that messages go directly to an agent or another depending on whether it is a new contact or not. Pre-sales should only respond to new customers.

After-Sales and Customer Care with Official WhatsApp Business and Zoho


21. Real customer care interactions

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. You can take care of your customers in real-time, by using the WhatsApp Integration with Zoho CRM.

22. Personal touch in customer care

“Hello, John! I have seen your company in the local news, Congratulations!” If you answer your clients with a personal touch, you will have more chances to get loyalty. You can schedule a personal touch when your customer starts a conversation.

23. Real-time feedback of your customers

Besides you can offer a real-time solution, also you can have real-time feedback, as soon as you want to close a conversation, you can ask for feedback with a predefined template. 

24. Templates for issue resolutions

With WhatsApp Business, you can create different types of templates, such as Query Resolutions. You can send notifications to your customers regarding Query resolution by creating a WhatsApp Business Template. You can check the Query Resolution history in your Zoho CRM.

25. All your team in one WhatsApp conversation

This is one of the most popular features of Woztell integration. You can have in the same conversation that all the members of your team interact with your customer. For instance, if you hire a new team member, he/she needs to get trained, so he/she can be supervised by the team leader and another colleague can help him/her all in the same conversation with the client. 

The good news is that all internal communications will not be shown to the client, the client will not notice that this is happening.

26. Create follow-ups from the same conversations

In the same conversation, you can add your team-mates, and put them as a reminder. With this feature, you can choose user, topic, time, and date.

27. Tag your leads inside WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM

Based on any criteria you can tag leads, this feature will help you quickly to identify any leads. For instance, you can tag any leads that have already decided to buy and put a follow-up in your CRM with specific nurturing.

28. PING messages or comments

You can pin messages in the client conversations and you won’t lose focus on what are you going to do with the conversation. For example, you can pin a message where the lead is looking for customised training in his office next month. 

Sales & Lead Generation using Verified WhatsApp Business and ZOHO CRM

29. Forget about Forms and start interacting

The client should be contacted, the faster you contact him, the more possibilities you will have to close the deal. Sometimes, it is better to lose all kinds of formality to get what our customer needs just by sending a message.

30. Use predefined messages aiming to start the conversation

WhatsApp has the feature that you can predefine the first message in the link you publish to contact with your company. With this kind of message, you can aim your potential customers to write you easily. Links with default messages open the mobile or desktop application of WhatsApp with a previously written message so that the user only has to click send.

31. Link your social media profiles with your Official WhatsApp Business

You can define the Call To Actions in your social media profiles. If you define a WhatsApp button you will easily reach your followers, and start instant interaction with your customers.

32. Lead generation in social media using a WhatsApp and Zoho CRM Strategy
CTR higher in your social media campaigns

In Facebook and Instagram Ads, you can create Call To Actions, directly to your WhatsApp Business Account, forgetting about the website, forms, emails, phones, etc. In just a few clicks, you can have all the information inside your Zoho CRM and once the conversation has begun don’t have to stop. 

33. Not closed the conversation

Integration with Woztell allows the chatbot-initiated conversation on your website to go to your pre-sales team. You can create some templates to help you to answer FAQ’s.

34. Sell through WhatsApp 

You can close deals with your clients instantly, just like you send a photo with your pet, you can send invoices, checkout links, etc. You can add the deal in your Zoho CRM and the follow up with WhatsApp.

35. WhatsApp Templates to update your account and payment

WhatsApp allows 10 different categories of templates, some of them are related to sales. For example: account update, payment update, and personal finance update.

36. Automatically pre-qualification of Leads

Leads Qualification: When you receive a message from a new lead, you can ask automatic questions to help the agent to save response time, or you can set assignation rules based on the questions they asked. 

Automation and Workflows in ZOHO CRM

37. Reminder of an upcoming meeting

When you visit or set up a meeting with your customer, you can send a reminder of the visit or the meeting using a template. 

38. Workflows in ZOHO CRM according to incoming messages

If you have three kinds of products and you want to assign that incoming message to the team of product X1.

39. Use ZOHO CRM to plan your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Create targeted marketing campaigns sending Whatsapp messages templates selecting leads or existing contacts in your ZOHO CRM and customise the message date and time, according to the templates that you have already approved. 

40. Save time with related views in Leads / Contacts In ZOHO CRM

You can automatise what Leads you have to interact with them first according to your priorities or time. You can set time rules and prioritize which lead should you contact first. We can continue with the list but we consider that you already have a real approach of all benefits of using WhatsApp Business on your company’s business strategy.

Team Work with WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM

You can automatize what Leads you have to interact with them first according to your priorities or time. You can set time rules and prioritise which lead should you contact first. We can continue with the list but we consider that you already have a real approach of all benefits of using WhatsApp Business on your company’s business strategy.

41. Mention your teammates in the same conversation of WhatsApp

If you have someone in your team, that needs a little formation, you can mention your teammates, and coordinate all kinds of responses. In Woztell, you have three types of messages that you can send from Zoho CRM. The incoming/outgoing WhatsApp Messages and the team messages. 

42. Coordinate and validate answers in the same conversation of WhatsApp

No matter if you are not so wiser today, you have a team that can help you to answer with the perfect text. In this case, you can improve any response with the teamwork feature of Woztell. This could be very helpful when the WhatsApp message it’s really important. 

43. Adding reminders in the same conversation

We use an interface Zoho Cliq for send and received WhatsApp Messages, also this interface will allow you to created Reminders, to you or other colleagues. This is great instead, of generated a Task in CRM, the only thing you have to do is select the message, created a reminder to you or one college, and set the date and time of the reminders.

44. Mention another lead in the same conversation to your team

Let’s supposed that you are leading with one company and you have few contacts, but the contact person is just one person. You can share the Lead just calling a command, this will provide in the same conversation the Lead who you had selected.  

Chatbots using WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM

According to the last statics most users, over 75%, prefer to make inquiries through WhatsApp. More than any other medium such as the FAQ section of a website, phone, email, or SMS. With Woztell Chatbot plan will have access to created Chatbots, or even we can create for you. Even the WhatsApp Chatbots, are becoming more popular than the World Health Organization (WHO) created a Chatbot of WhatsApp to inform around the world of the Covid-19 situation in April 2020.

45. Pre-Qualification by a bot

As we have already commented before, the managers of the Lead Qualification are the members of the pre-sales team. With WOZTELL you can make a bot ask the first qualification questions (what we call pre-qualification) and depending on the interlocutor’s answers, it can pass to one department or other. 

46. Attend in multiple languages

Creating a chatbot could be one of the best options for your business. You can attend in multiple languages, as we do it in our Woztell Chatbot. The customer only has to select the Language and they will display anything else in the language you need. In Woztell, we design one chatbot with more than 10 Languages, you can try it here:

47. Increase exponentially your rate response with a WhatsApp Chatbot linked with your Zoho CRM

According to Facebook data, compared to more traditional channels, people surveyed who message businesses say messaging businesses provide them with the following: faster response times over 59%, Better advice, and care over 50%,  More truthful responses over 49%. If you are still using traditional channels, you have to think about How much time you can save if you will use a Chatbot to automize the answers to mayor queries.

48. Integrated chatbot in your website

More than 50% of Internet traffic came from mobile devices. With the integration of Woztell, between Verified WhatsApp Business and Zoho CRM you can have chatbots of WhatsApp on your website, connected directly to all the traffic that comes from the mobile devices. Allowing you to increase the Conversation Rates in your Website. 

49. Better customer experience

The business has many different ways to achieve the difference in front of other competitors, for example, it is well known the strategy of Zappos to increased Customer Experience. But using a Chatbot well-designed, you can manage better relations in every touchpoint.

50. Push the data of the WhatsApp Chatbot to your Zoho CRM

The secret of big business is that they try to optimize every process. With the Chatbots of WhatsApp in Woztell, you are able to push the data who was collected by your chatbot, to your Zoho CRM. This is one of the best features we invite you to integrate WhatsApp Business with your Zoho CRM.

You can visit www.woztell.com and start a free trial.