Here are 5 tips to get started with inbound lead nurturing on WhatsApp

When you want to attract customers to your company, the first thing to do is to create a marketing strategy and there are two options here. An outbound marketing strategy presents content to the public regardless of whether they want to know about it or not. Alternatively, an inbound lead nurturing strategy aims to engage customers with valuable, personalized content that potential customers want to interact with.

In other words, with an outbound strategy your company initiates contact with a potential customer; while with an inbound strategy the customer is the one who searches for your company, researches and then interacts with your sales team.

Today we give you the recipe for an inbound lead nurturing strategy. You will learn how to form a relationship with potential customers who have already interacted with your content to build a relationship and eventually get a sale.

What is inbound lead nurturing?

Generally, B2B businesses prefer to search and research before contacting the sales team. This is where an inbound strategy comes into play as it seeks to attract customers to your company through specialized content oriented to an ideal customer or buyer persona.

The goal of this content is to generate an inbound lead and drive them to take an action to build a long-term relationship.

But before we continue, what is an inbound lead?

This is any B2B lead that responds and interacts with content that is part of your inbound lead nurturing strategy, such as downloading an ebook or filling out a form.

There are two types of inbound leads:

      • Marketing qualified lead: These are potential customers who have interacted with your content, but have not yet decided to make a purchase.

      • Sales qualified lead: These are potential customers who are close to making a purchase and have already contacted the sales team.

Now that you know what leads are and the different types you may encounter, let’s delve into how to carry out an inbound lead nurturing strategy.

Why you should use inbound lead nurturing on WhatsApp 

Imagine that a potential customer has just downloaded an ebook or filled out a form on your website after reading an article on your blog. This lead already knows who you are, or is just getting to know you and wants to know more about what your company offers.

It’s time to nurture that relationship! And WhatsApp is the best tool to do it.

WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide, it is convenient and easy to use and the message open rate is 98%. It also offers greater immediacy and closeness than email.

Specific features of WhatsApp Business Platform, such as templates with multimedia elements and message automation, make work easier and allow your leads to receive immediate responses.

With WhatsApp you can convert your leads into customers and form a lasting relationship with them.

Five ingredients to get you started

Here are five key steps for your inbound lead nurturing strategy on WhatsApp.

1. Create customized content

The first step is to think about your buyer persona and create content targeted to the customer you want to reach. Think about what they are looking for, what problems they have and the solutions you can offer.

Now create your content, it can be a blog article, a video, a tutorial or an ebook. The important thing is that your customer finds the solution they need at the time they need it.

Offering them valuable information increases the chances that they will choose you among the rest of the options.

2. Consider the customer’s journey

The journey to purchase a product or service is unique to each customer, but it is still important to create content for each stage. We can divide it into three main phases (although much more can be specified).

        • Discovery: the consumer finds your brand. At this stage, content should be educational. Tell them what you can do for them, the solutions you offer and solve any doubts they may have before buying. Some examples for this stage are: blog articles, videos and infographics.

        • Consideration: your potential customer begins to research in more depth. At this stage the content should be more specialized. Focus on solving the customer’s need and show them that you are the best option. Some examples are: success stories, downloadable items such as ebooks and WhatsApp marketing campaigns (now that you have user data you can contact them to answer their doubts or questions).

        • Decision: the customer decides to buy. Don’t stop communicating with your customer once they have made the purchase. Send them a demo or a tutorial to show them how to use your product or service and let them know that you are still there to answer any questions they may have.

3.  Track using WhatsApp templates

WhatsApp templates are a very useful tool for inbound lead nurturing at any stage of the customer journey.

Automating the process of this strategy can help you reach multiple leads at the right time. The probability of converting a lead into a sales opportunity increases if you contact them right after a conversion on the website.

And the ideal way to do this is with WhatsApp templates.

In addition, this WhatsApp tool allows you to send templates with multimedia content, buttons or lists of messages for better interaction with the customer.

4.  Send personalized messages

WhatsApp marketing is a very effective way of inbound lead nurturing.

You can send personalized messages using WhatsApp templates. An example could be when a user downloads an ebook you can recommend related content or invite them to send you a message.

In addition, WhatsApp Business Platform has the option to create dynamic templates and editable fields. With these tools you can customize messages on the fly to make it easier for users to choose from various options.

5.  Use a lead qualification strategy

Lead scoring is a strategy for organizing leads according to their perceived value to your organization. You can organize them according to the level of interaction they have had with your company, giving them more points the more steps they have taken in your lead inbound nurturing strategy.

Customer management platforms such as a CRM or integrations such as WOZTELL + Zoho Cliq allow for easier qualification.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

Need more reasons? Here are the benefits of an inbound lead nurturing strategy

Implementing inbound lead nurturing for your company is an ideal way to increase the number of sales in your business. And if that’s not enough, here you have some additional benefits.

It’s timely

Lead nurturing campaigns are designed to reach out to leads at the right time. This helps generate a relationship based on mutual benefit, which can lead to a purchase.

 It can be automated

You don’t have to do everything manually. Setting up an automated solution allows you to track lead interests and interactions.

Builds relationships

Automated lead nurturing campaigns allow you to have conversations with your leads and the communication helps build lasting relationships.

Use targeted campaigns 

With the data you collect from the different interactions you can send personalized content for your leads to interact with and continue moving forward in the customer journey.

Usa campañas focalizadas

Con los datos que recoges de las diferentes interacciones puedes enviar contenido personalizado para que tus leads interactúen con él y continúen avanzando en el viaje del cliente.

Oportunidades de marketing 

Puedes exhibir tu marca frente a miles de clientes empleando marketing y mensajes proactivos para llamar la atención. Durante esta fase, un mensaje correcto en el momento adecuado puede hacer maravillas por tu empresa.

To sum up

An inbound lead nurturing campaign, with the right ingredients, can turn your prospects into real customers by generating personalized content.

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