Wondering how to use WhatsApp Business in your company?

Today, we will give you 5 global ideas on how to use WhatsApp Business integrated with your ZOHO CRM and start growing your business thanks to WOZTELL.

1. Trust

The most important thing in a relationship is trust, and in the relationship with your customers, it would not be less.

With the purpose of trusting in your company, you have to offer tour customers real solutions that are really going to help them achieve their goal with the service or the product you offer them. This is the first premise to offer confidence to your clients.

Last but not least, is attention. Your product may meet all the requirements that the client was looking for and adapt perfectly to their needs, but, with no care, they will never trust your company.

To provide good service, the message is important, as well as the interlocutor and of course, the channel. If you offer them an easy channel to access and in which they already trust and have mastered, they will be sure that your company is a serious one. That’s why it is so important to use an Official WhatsApp Business Account, with which you can communicate with your customers. Your clients or leads will have the security that they are talking to your company by doing it through the official channel of the same and this will increase your message opening rates.

2. Collaborative work

There is nothing more productive for a company than collaborative work.

In business, whatever it happen, it is necessary that the entire team goes straight forward, keeping the same objective in mind, and thus, determine guidelines that everyone must follow. There are times when some members of the team can be derailed, so collaborative work is important, making everyone aware and able to get them back on the right track.

WOZTELL is the perfect tool for your team to follow the same line of communication with the client. Coordinate your team in the WhatsApp conversation that they are managing with a client. Give them guidelines, offer them relevant information about the client, in real-time and without the client being aware of it.

3. Traceability

One of the most common problems in companies is the loss of information and it’s traceability.

This can lead to duplications in the information sent to the client, to immeasurable losses due to the time spent searching for certain information.

And what are the causes of these losses?

This usually happens because you don’t have all the information at one place. In the end, there are so many places to store information that each team member ends up saving it in different places.

In the case of customer service, this is more likely to happen by having different communication channels. Your agents can use email, company phone, or even their own personal WhatsApp to contact customers.

With WOZTELL, this will not happen again in your company, since there will be a single Official WhatsApp account with which all the members of your team will communicate and all the information will be stored in the same client file within your CRM.

4. Engagement

Before we talked about how important it is to have a communication channel that your customers can rely on and trust. Taking up this idea, compare these numbers:

The email open rate is about 17%, but the open rate of the messages you send by WhatsApp is 98%

By changing the communication channel with your customers, you will increase your engagement.

5. Time-saving

WhatsApp is the fastest and easiest way to serve your customers, both for your team and for them.
Imagine if you add also a chatbot that works 24/7 and can answer all your customer queries right away. The answers on the first line could be automatic responses, and if it’s necessary, you can contact an agent to handle complex queries. 

What else can you ask for?

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.