In this article, we will see 5 examples of web-hooks for WOZTELL. At the end of January, our R&D team upgraded the web service that WOZTELL has from web-hooks. This is the facilitation of the automated triggering of WhatsApp messages through the use of web-hooks.

What is this for? How can this help me?  

Let’s take a look at an example to make it clear. Imagine that you are using any CRM software, Help Desk, and so on. It doesn’t matter whether this is  ZOHO, Manage Engine, SalesForce, or another software… all that you want to do is to send a message to a customer when certain circumstances are met. That can be carried out by a web-hook.

With the new quick guide to programming a web service, a developer has the information he needs to register any messages he wants in any situation his software approves. Remember that the messages that WhatsApp allows us to launch, will depend on whether the customer has started the conversation, or if it has been less than 24 hours since their last message or not. The different types of outgoing messages that you can automate are:

  • WhatsApp verified template sending, with and without variables.

  • Free text sending (within the 24h window).

Is it possible to schedule messages whenever you want?  

By providing you with the opportunity of using a WOZTELL web service, you will be able to use it from within tools such as ZOHO CRM. You will also be able to do it as part of a script that has been created by a developer.

With all this, we’ll provide you with a list of 5 examples of web-hooks:  

  1. When we receive a message after business hours and we want to answer the message informing about our working hours.

  2. We want to schedule a message to be sent to a list of customers that we have in our CRM, and meet certain conditions.

  3. A customer who is not in our database contacts us and we want to respond by asking for some initial data before the agent receives the message.

  4. If we want to let the customer know that we have just sent him an invoice.

  5. We can send you a message when a package has been delivered by passing a survey.

As you can see these are examples of web-hooks that save us tasks and therefore time  

This is the idea of an organizational management software that has WOZTELL integrated as a tool that combines WhatsApp into your CRM. On the other hand, it authorise us to offer a high quality customer service. In a nutshell, web-hooks improve our corporate image and even allows us to retain customer data, in which if there is nothing or nobody to receive and respond to a request through a web-hook, it’ll be possible that this lead will choose another competitor.

Communication with current and potential customers is essential in every way for your business. You must make your users feel that your company is there. Moreover, they will always have an answer and at the same time, you can manage the communications efficiently.

Remember that thanks to WOZTELL you can manage everything from just one place. You will be able to gather valuable data from your clients and leads as well as all the communications that have been made in the different stages and types of communications. This data is useful so that it’ll be able to analyse and provide new measures and actions in the different departments of your company.

webhooks woztell : WhatsApp + CRM

Thanks to web-hooks, you will optimize your communications, and maintain resources

Besides, it allows you to be a company always available, at least in terms of possible answers that you can give to your potential customers.

The programming and automation of tasks and organizational processes are a great advantage, and this is what the companies of the future are tending towards. Artificial intelligence reconstructs companies into more intelligent, modern and efficient. Therefore, it makes them more productive which is the main goal of any company in business: to obtain more profitability. Soon we will launch a “technical documentation section” within our website. If while you need this document please request it at support(at) Or contact us here.

Tips to keep your customers served even on holidays

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, like the song says… relaxing is necessary to gain strength and keep on growing. However, nowadays, losing billing days or worse, leaving your customers unattended, is a wrongdoing you shouldn’t do.

How can you have a business that carry out’s its customers 365 days a year?

Well, there are plenty of solutions, but here we have only the best: WOZTELL. Why is it this the best tool? It’s crystal clear, no one has WhatsApp integrated into their e-commerce or customer service or CRM. You could explain to us that you have a chatbot in your e-commerce store, but that’s nothing compared to having WOZTELL.

For instance, you have a customer that comes to your online store in the middle of Christmas to buy, and there is no one to help him. Imagine that… he has an inquiry, he wants to know if you accept certain means of payment and how long it will take for delivery, but you only have a chatbot with some pre-configured questions, and answers that do not satisfy him, and he leaves the company. Goodbye customer, and we do know what that means. It will not only cost loose of money, also you’ll have a customer who is not satisfied. 

Suddenly you have current customers who need an immediate answer to a certain problem, and they find the same thing. But how is that, isn’t it that people relax at Christmas holidays? Well that’s not completely true, during these times you must have the best solution to contact with your clients. If your clients don’t find the right answers, they will look it for in another place.

The idea is clear, but is WOZTELL so good that allows customers to always have the best answer? Yes, it actually is! There is nothing better, in fact, is magnificent. When we think of this business we associate it with the fact that to succeed you have to fight hard. Nothing comes from above, and if we want success we will have to work hard. A successful business is one that we can climb and for that to happen, having modern tools is fundamental.

It’s true that you have to fight, but WOZTELL makes it easy for you without having to suffer that much as helping your staff 365 days a year or paying extras to cover customer service.

Thanks to WOZTELL which is a fantastic tool that integrates WhatsApp, your e-commerce will be a great solution.

The solutions of this tool are not only based on being able to generate automated responses for conversations with leads and customers. They are also depend on several possibilities that it approve you, for example, being able to save the history of the conversations so you can monitor them. By reviewing them, you can evaluate how they have been and manage how they can be improved. You can see which are the most frequent requests, at what times, determine the best responses of those that have been most effective, etc.

Not to mention that being you’ll be able to develop marketing campaigns to your selected lead and customer segments. All this from a WhatsApp company number that you don’t have to change. As we said before, if your customers are well served, they will stay with you forever and, of course, recommend your company. Your leads will become customers and your business will grow. You will also be able to coach your team to use the tool in the best way so that both customer care and marketing have the right roles. This way, you will derive the tasks to the profile of the most qualified personnel according to the existing demands.

WOZTELL is unique, unrepeatable and unmatched because it integrates the most powerful communication tool with more than 1.3 billion users. Imagine the potential you’ll have by integrating this tool into your cloud-based business. You’ll have no limits, the world its your oyster. You have unlimited storage capacity the one for you to send and receive messages. There are no limits and everything with 100% security for your business. You have powerful options like segmenting your audience and sending Broadcast Messages according to the segmentation with pre-defined templates conforming to the product offer you have.

It’s fantastic to be able to automate responses based on the content of the demands you receive. This is really great. But this is just a sample of what you will get from WOZTELL tool.

Look at all the advantages and features that WOZTELL has in this link and you will be amazed, we ensure you that. You can ask for a demonstration right now without any liability. We are inviting you to join the future of online business. You can’t be left out of this worldwide trend. Many are already taking advantage of it and you can’t even imagine the great results they are achieving.

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.