4 WhatsApp Automation Templates that will Change your Business

WhatsApp is that messaging app that thousands of people check in the morning before getting out of bed.

Among the messages from friends and group messages from acquaintances that you haven’t spoken to for months, there is a space for businesses.

More and more companies adopt WhatsApp as their channel of communication. There is an appeal to simplifying communications and using the channel that they are already used to, delights users and provides real results to businesses.

But we want to take it one step further and talk about WhatsApp automations.

When we combine the best of both worlds, the outcome impacts both business and customer.

We want you to take control of your communications and start building your own WhatsApp automations.  

This is why we present you 4 automation templates for your WhatsApp Business Platform.

For you to successfully import a WhatsApp Template, first you must have a WhatsApp Business Platform number and a WhatsApp channel on WOZTELL.

WhatsApp Automation: FAQs Template

This is the use of an automation par excellence.

In simpler terms, it is an extra layer that you add to one of your Messaging Solutions (Cliq, Microsoft Teams, Slack) to manage your WhatsApp conversations.

And that’s okay, because now you will be prepared to not answer them manually.

 Our FAQs template gives you the structure flow to automate the responses to those questions that bother your agents time after time. 

WhatsApp works with interactive templates (this is why you will need to have your number and channel configured beforehand!)

Create a WhatsApp template and configure your answers. That is all you need to do to have your automation up and running in minutes.

You have a detailed tutorial of the whole process to begin working with this template, as well as a link to download it here.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Automation: Form Template

Who has not entered a website only to find a form to collect data?

This was all and well when there was no other alternative.

However, now you can make the process fully automated, from the conversations to storing the data.  

A form automation serves this specific purpose.

We have configured and developed a template that collects the following information:

    • Name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Phone

    • Information about the request


You can play with the conversation flow and edit the content of every response.

Having this template working on your WhatsApp is as easy as following the tutorial and downloading the template in the following link.

WhatsApp Automation: Webinar Template

We called this template after one of our favourite ways to share information.

Webinars are a great opportunity to build a connection with your existing clients or converting leads into real customers. They can see one of the members of your team explaining a certain feature or sharing knowledge.

So, webinars are a great way of collecting information that will be useful for marketing purposes.

The template will be of great help for the process pre-webinar: asking customers for their data to send them the link for the event.  

By using this template, you will automatically collect:

    • Name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Phone

As stated in the previous templates, you can configure and edit the whole process. Ask for more, less information, change the wording… it’s up to you!

 Try it for yourself by following our template tutorial and downloading it in this link.

WhatsApp and Zoho

WhatsApp Automation: Lead Magnet Template

Let’s imagine you have invested time and effort in creating an amazing ebook to get more leads.

Maybe you have a page on your website that links to it (as we do). It’s common practice to use a form to require information and then send the document.

It’s much better to automate a conversation that collects the same amount of information in a dynamic way and directly provides the lead magnet. 

The automation, once configured and ready to work, will collect 24/7 the following information:

    • Name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Phone

Attaching the lead magnet is as easy as copying the link on the template and users will be able to open the doc directly in their WhatsApp conversation.

Download the template and see the whole process to get it ready here.

To wrap it Up

Having automations used to be a technology only available to big companies. You had to have enough budget to hire a developer and someone to structure the entire flow.

Nowadays, having everything automated is easier than ever.

With WOZTELL you don’t have to depend on anyone: we give you the tools and platform to do it in your own way.

The power of automated conversations is in your hands!

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