4 Sure-fire opportunities for using WhatsApp Business Platform for your business

You don’t know it yet, but if you use Whatsapp Business and want to take your company’s presence to another level, this article is made for you.

According to a recent HubSpot survey, more than 30% of marketers are sending 3-5 emails to people per week, and 15% reveal that they’re hitting their email lists 6-8 times each week. This means audiences are oversubscribing and may be at risk of being disconnected from traditional ads and outreach.

Nowadays, with more than two billion people using WhatsApp, everything is about how people everywhere connect with friends, family, and businesses.

The WhatsApp Business Platform is the version that empowers businesses to connect with their customers personally, at scale through messaging.  

So if you feel that you would like to achieve something like this in your company, you are in time to get it. Get ready to discover everything that WhatsApp Business Platform can do for your business with us.

Why should you use the WhatsApp Business Platform?

In this sense, the first difference is the type of business to which one and the other tool are directed, although no clause prevents a company from using both resources.

However, the platform’s official website clearly states that the WhatsApp Business Platform was designed for medium and large companies looking to communicate with their customers at scale.

Regarding the WhatsApp Business App, it can be established that the target audience is small businesses that maintain one-on-one communications with their audience.

Moreover, the WhatsApp Business Platform uses are much more varied than the application, since the latter has limited functions.

Another difference between WhatsApp Business Platform and the mobile application is that the first option has a cost, while the application is completely free. But more importantly, WhatsApp Business Platform offers the option of using dynamic templates with intuitive buttons, which make it a more complete tool.

WhatsApp Business Platform opportunities

Now, it’s time to learn about the opportunities of this amazing tool.

The truth is, the WhatsApp Business Platform uses are various. Businesses that choose to use this platform will be able to automate customer service through autoresponders and message templates. Also, the fact that WhatsApp Business Platform allows the integration between systems makes it possible to combine it with other tools, for example, CRM or Live chat.

At this point, our objective is to focus on all that this tool allows businesses to do when they decide to use it. Take note of what it can bring to your company if you incorporate it into your strategy.

WhatsApp Business Platform empowers businesses to connect through intuitive conversations

It’s a fact: People prefer messaging, but some businesses aren’t ready.

75% of adults surveyed in 2020 said they want to communicate with a business the same way they do with friends and family: through messaging.  

However, not all companies are ready to harness the power of conversations. Unlike email or traditional advertising, WhatsApp is designed to bring you closer to your customers using conversation threads that optimize interactions using automated dialogs that help drive business results.

With WhatsApp Business application, you can create automatic welcome and absence messages. But it’s a limited function, especially if what you are looking for is to strengthen your customer service and reduce the occupation of your team of agents in this repetitive task.

Instead, the WhatsApp Business Platform allows the setting of automatic responses via templates and a 24-hours customer support window.

A combination of both is the best thing that companies can do to boost their communication efficiency. 

WhatsApp Business Platform allows engaging features to help drive richer interactions

The reach of SMS and emails is becoming more and more challenging, which means that it’s easier for customers to lose track of your communications. But luckily for you, you just need some experience to point them on the right path.

With WhatsApp, you’ll create seamless user experiences that involve fewer context switches and more interactions with features that drive engagement.

And in addition, you’ll have the option to go beyond the limitations of text and email with rich messages that create more enjoyable experiences that help drive business results throughout the customer journey.

WhatsApp Business Platform offers quality by design

Without a doubt, a quality experience begins with the trust of the client. To achieve it, the WhatsApp Business Platform helps businesses deliver high quality experiences that build long-term customer relationships through an API that has built-in user feedback controls. This helps ensure that commitment to customers is maintained.

Your customers can feel confident when they connect with your business on WhatsApp through business verification and linked Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts for social proof and a seamless multi-channel experience.

The important thing about all this is that you don’t have to worry about privacy. All WhatsApp messages, including those between people and businesses, are protected by the same industry-leading Signal protocol encryption, which secures messages before and after they’re sent.


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Automate and scale your conversations with WhatsApp Business Platform

Investing in and maintaining an old-school infrastructure for omnichannel communication can be expensive and complicated.

To address this, WhatsApp gives businesses the ability to automate, scale, and implement modern conversational messaging.

Of course, we are talking about the cloud version of the WhatsApp API, which is automatic and flexible enough to connect to existing company systems. By using this option, companies spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time providing differentiated services.

The use of this API provides companies with more efficient tools that allow their agents to manage and resolve several conversations at the same time.

 Another advantage is that companies can also use automation to implement after-hours conversation management and routing, so that their customers always have access to a resolution.

 So if there is something that characterizes the WhatsApp API for businesses, it is the possibility of integration with other tools.

 For example, it can be very well complemented by the internal systems of organizations, such as a CRM. This allows everything related to business-client communication to be managed from a single place.

In this way, each contact can be better tracked in a much more comfortable way for the sales team. This will centralize all the information linked to each user, including their conversation history with the company on WhatsApp. At the same time, this produces a significant improvement in the company’s relationship with its audience.

To wrap it up

Now that we have told you about all the uses of the WhatsApp Business Platform, it clearly can be very beneficial for your company.

If you need help accessing the WhatsApp Businesses Platform, we can advise you on this process.

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