4 Chatbot Templates for Facebook Messenger that will Revolutionize your Business

At this point of time, most of us have heard even a bit about chatbots.

That they provide automated responses, they are available even during after-office hours, that they can learn as you talk with them… and much more.

The concept of having this type of technology for yourself may sound a little off-putting. And even worse if we tell you that you will be the one to build the chatbot.

We get it, and that’s why we have developed templates for you to use on our builder.

Easy to customize, easy to use and free to implement.

Frequently Asked Questions Chatbot

One of the most popular purposes of a chatbot is to free the agents from answering repetitive questions.

There are general questions that apply to most businesses (what’s the policy return, what are the office hours…)

You can have a section on your website with the answers, but some customers prefer chatting to solve their doubts. And they want their answers now.

Implementing a FAQs Chatbot is a great idea for any type of business.

Save time and effort in answering the same questions, and let a chatbot handle it for you.

Our ready-to-use template is the perfect solution; you just have to edit the content with your company information and connect it to your Facebook Messenger channel.

You can watch our tutorial on how to work with the template and download it right here!

faq template

Product Chatbot

Let’s say that you have a catalogue of your products and already work with Facebook Messenger for your business.

You have the perfect recipe to implement a Product Chatbot.

We consider this type of chatbot to be particularly useful for e-commerce.

By just editing the data of the carousel, you will be able to show your products to your customers and link them to their specific page.

We have configured the template based on Offers and New Arrivals. This is a great opportunity to guide customers to your promotions and keep them up to date with all the goods that you’re selling.

You have the power to edit and configure it however you want.

Just follow our tutorial and download the Product Template here.

product template

Webinar Chatbot

Here at WOZTELL, we really like to engage our users with educational and informational webinars.

If this is your case, and you are passionate about this type of content, we have prepared a template that will help you collect data from prospects.

The whole conversational flow is configured to collect their:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone

Every piece of information is stored in our platform for you to configure and send an e-mail (or WhatsApp, or whatever you want) with information about the Webinar.

You can edit the text completely, and have a tutorial and the link for downloading the template here.

webinar template

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Form Chatbot

The standard way to collect information about a customer is a form. They are present on almost every website, and collect relevant data that businesses can use for different actions.

But, forms are not very conversational and collecting data manually is a tedious task.

A chatform is the solution you didn’t know you needed. Automatically collect data that will be useful for your agents and do it without a sweat.

With a Form Chatbot on your side, you will be able to attend to your customers anytime with a virtual agent that is in charge of collecting relevant information and inquiries.

We have configured the template to compile:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone
  • Information about inquiry

You can find the full tutorial on how to edit this template and the link to download it here.

form template

To wrap it up

The use of chatbots is spreading, and it won’t stop.

It is time for businesses of all sizes to seize the opportunity and implement this technology in their communications.

With a builder and ready-to-use templates in hand, we know you’re more than ready to start your chatbot journey.

And we will be delighted to be your partner!

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