WhatsApp B2B: Scale your business in 2022

2022 will be a key-year to get ready for the business of WhatsApp B2B

Since its launch in 2018, WhatsApp has explained that its API is in BETA. This means that its terms of use and features may be reviewed, as WhatsApp accumulates more and more knowledge about how companies want to use this communication channel to do business.

An example of this is the decision, announced 6 months in advance, to “not be able to generate groups using an API”. This aspect was being used to create covert mailing lists in user groups and so, in order to protect end-users from the dreaded SPAM, WhatsApp chose to eliminate this option. If you want to know how companies use WhatsApp Business check the post first.

WhatsApp B2B, one of the fundamental strategies for their growth in 2022

Because of the adjustments, WhatsApp is making, its hypothetical large customers such as ERP or other software manufacturers may still be reluctant to try to implement it in their solutions.

Obviously, sooner or later any software manufacturer will carry out the integration of WhatsApp b2b as just another communication channel, as in its time the integration of email or phone. Most of them are being cautious in taking the step until the service can be done with total stability.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

2022 is the moment for companies involved in marketing and sales to gain experience using WhatsApp Business API in their customer base. It is the moment for innovators, where a select few are trying to make their way by evangelising about the use of technology that is still not well known.

The companies that gain experience in the use of broadcast messages, Sales and Customer Service Agents and the application possibilities of ChatBots will arrive in 2023 with a competitive advantage, when we anticipate that the use of WhatsApp will explode, with a non-BETA public API.


Woztell, one of the leaders in the WhatsApp B2B sector, opens the possibility to business partners.

Our vision is that 2023 will be the time when businesses will look for companies that have proven experience using WhatsApp, either to hire them or to invest in them. With that in mind, by 2023 we will be seeing thousands of “new experts” appearing to talk about the use of WhatsApp in different industries.

At WOZTELL we have been working on the development of the partner channel since 2019, and hundreds of companies around the world are already working with us.

Are you a company dedicated to services related to marketing, sales or customer service? Do you want to be our WhatsApp Business partners? Send us your contact details, and we will explain how easy it is to start NOW with WhatsApp’s business.

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