The amount of WhatsApp users (MAUs) has grown at an amazingly rapid rate, having already reached 2 billion users and delivering roughly 100 billion messages per day! According to Statista, a company dedicated to online market studies and statistics, at the beginning of 2013, WhatsApp had 200 million users, 900 million users by the end of 2015, 1.5 billion users by the end of 2017, and to reach its current peak of 2 billion users in 2020.

Although the focus tends to be on the top 10 countries by # of WhatsApp users, (India, followed by Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom), adding up the approximate numbers for these countries, the total barely reaches 1 billion users. In accordance with this, the following question comes to mind:

Where are the remaining 1 billion users?

The remaining users are spread out through the rest of the 170 countries not usually listed in the top 10. Of these countries, some of them, although smaller in population size, have a higher percentage of WhatsApp users when compared to the total population. See below an example of how widespread the usage is in some countries when you compare population size vs. the amount of WhatsApp users:

Country Population WhatsApp Users
Netherlands 17.280.000 12.000.000
Portugal 10.196.709 7.600.000
Finland 5.540.720 4.800.000
Austria 9.006.398 7.620.000
Switzerland 8.654.622 7.700.000
Finland 5.540.720 4.800.000
Belgium 11.500.000 9.300.000
Malaysia 32.700.000 30.400.000
Turkey 84.339.067 59.500.000
Saudi Arabia 34.813.871 27.500.000
Chile 19.116.201 16.100.000
Kazakhstan 18.776.707 15.300.000
UAE 9.890.402 9.400.000
Israel 8.655.535 6.700.000
Argentina 45.195.774 32.400.000
Colombia 49.650.000 35.400.000
Bolivia 11.673.021 11.000.000
Mexico 128.932.753 80.900.000
South Africa 59.620.000 23.200.000
Malta 441.543 400.000

Viewing these numbers, you can see that in many of these countries over 80% of their population use WhatsApp.

Why is it so popular?
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