You can leverage the integration of WhatsApp Business into your ZOHO CRM in a number of ways to grow your business. As WhatsApp is an excellent application for keeping in touch with your existing customers and potential ones, it is a perfect opportunity to be able to integrate it into ZOHO CRM. Since 2014 WhatsApp belongs to Facebook and the functions of the business application have been improved. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “WhatsApp will enable a more connected and open world.

But let’s take a look on 10 things you can do with the integration of WhatsApp Business into your ZOHO CRM.

Besides being able to manage everything just from one place, you have these very useful features for your business.

  • Better interaction: users can establish direct contact with the company instantly.
  • Establishment of welcome messages: you can create welcome messages for, for example, when users contact the business for the first time.
  • Generate absence messages: it is possible to configure absence messages so that your existing and potential customers will always receive a reply from you. Even when your business is closed, users will be able to contact your business and get an answer.
  • Formulation of quick responses: you can configure messages that are automatically activated to provide answers. For example, farewell messages.
  • Access to statistical data.

This is one of WhatsApp’s most important tools for business. Being able to see the statistical data of the communications that are established gives us very relevant inputs.

With this data, you can make studies and analyses in order to improve the different aspects of our business.

  • Create categories through labels: you can make classifications of the users by means of labels. This is very useful to monitor the process of recruitment.
  • Centralization of Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram messages: this is only possible in some regions, such as the United States. This possibility will surely be expanded to other countries. Messages from all users of these social networks can be answered from one place.
  • Get a company profile: you can create a business profile of your business brand. This gives a serious and reliable image to users.
  • Develop a product catalog: design a virtual store where you can publish your products. In this way, you will have very simple e-commerce to develop.
  • Enabling payment system: a new service that has already been advertised on Instagram, Facebook and will also be available on WhatsApp for businesses. Connecting the bank account to the social network would already be set up in this system. This goes hand in hand with the possibility of having the online store.

What will benefit you is having it within ZOHO’s CRM.

  • With WhatsApp integrated into ZOHO’s CRM everything will be easier and more agile. One of the functions of ZOHO’s CRM is that you will be able to have everything personalised to the characteristics of your business.
  • Sales automation: from lead capture, lead management and communication management to workflow automation.
  • Omnichannel communication: you can contact clients and leads by different means and in real-time. You can contact them when they are browsing your website, reading an email or commenting on social networks.
  • Powerful analytical data: you will have fundamental data to know how your business is doing and what changes you can make to improve it.
  • Total security: your business and customer data are safe with ZOHO’s CRM. This is a guarantee that few can offer and peace of mind that is priceless.
  • Tools to automate business marketing: ZOHO CRM gives you a modern marketing system. Customer segmentation, lead nurturing, Google Ads integration, event management, and so many more!
  • Improving internal communication in your business through team collaboration. In other words, you have different tools that allow collaboration between different teams and business sectors. Thus, the whole organization flows in an optimal and effective way, improving the organizational communication.

But these are some of the advantages you have with the integration of WhatsApp Business in ZOHO CRM. You can see more features and even try this right now here: integrate WhatsApp Business into ZOHO CRM. If you have more questions or queries you can contact us.

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