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With WOZTELL, turn your WhatsApp conversations into sales and improve your customers’ experience.

Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

WOZTELL Conversational Solutions

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Clients who trust us

Make the most of WhatsApp

Marketing and Sales

Boost your sales by implementing conversational strategies on WhatsApp.

At WOZTELL, we have repeatedly witnessed how our clients have achieved incredible results by communicating with their customers on the channels they prefer.

We have extensive experience in various industries and have successfully implemented dozens of marketing and sales strategies using our solutions.

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?

chatbot on WhatsApp for sales
Chat en vivo multi-agente y multi-canal
Multi-agent and multi-channel live chat
Chatbots de generación y cualificación de leads
Lead generation and qualification chatbots
Integración con CRM
Integration with CRM
Mensajes masivos promocionales
Broadcast Promotional Messages
WhatsApp Chatbot Customer Support

Customer Support

Your customers want 24/7 support, and if it’s on their preferred channels, even better. But not only that, but they also want an exceptional experience…

What if you could give them what they ask for automatically or, in more complex cases, provide personalized assistance?

Delight your customers with a 5-star customer support service that you can also automate, saving up to 80% of your costs.

Save hundreds of hours

Integración con IAs<br />
Integration with ChatGPT AI
Chatbots para atención al cliente
Chatbots for customer support
Colabora con todo tu equipo contestando en el mismo WhatsApp<br />
Chat en vivo multi-agente y multi-canal
The entire team responds on the same WhatsApp platform
Integración con herramientas de soporte
Integration with support tools

Conversational Commerce

Increase your e-commerce sales with WhatsApp
Add the most effective channel to your online sales strategy. Empower your marketing, customer service, and sales with WOZTELL.

Receive orders and payments through WhatsApp

Whether you have an eCommerce or not, if you want to sell products through channels like WhatsApp, we know how to make it happen.

Sell more on your e-commerce!

e-commerce in WhatsApp
Aumenta las ventas de tu e-commerce con WhatsApp
Integrate your eCommerce with WhatsApp
Recibe pedidos y pagos a través de WhatsApp
Receive orders and payments through WhatsApp
Automatización de Marketing via WhatsApp
Marketing Automation via WhatsApp
Campañas conversacionales con promociones
Conversational campaigns with promotions
GPT and WhatsApp from ChatGpt

Create a WhatsApp and ChatGPT-connected chatbot that works 24/7

Intelligent Conversations with WhatsApp and ChatGPT

Combine the efficiency of WhatsApp API with the intelligence of ChatGPT to increase sales and reduce costs.

With WOZTELL, you can connect your ChatGPT GPT to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat to address customer or lead inquiries. Not only based on general information and the model’s configuration instructions. You can unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

Campañas conversacionales con promociones
WhatsApp + ChatGPT for Marketing and Sales
Chatbots para atención al cliente
WhatsApp + ChatGPT for Customer Support
Aumenta las ventas de tu e-commerce con WhatsApp
WhatsApp + ChatGPT for eCommerce
Colabora con todo tu equipo contestando en el mismo WhatsApp Chat en vivo multi-agente y multi-canal
WhatsApp + ChatGPT for Internal Communication

With WOZTELL, you will have access to all its exclusive WhatsApp Cloud API features

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30% cost savings using WhatsApp for sending OTPs

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82% recurrence in inquiries thanks to a WhatsApp chatbot

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276% more users thanks to WhatsApp

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60% cost reduction in student support

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13x more revenue using messaging compared to email

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+57% new clients thanks to WhatsApp

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